Benefits of Optane

Experience Fast Like Never Before

GIGABYTE Motherboards unlimits the potential of your PC with Intel® Optane™ Memory. Optane memory accelerates traditional storage devices to reduce boot times and enhance the overall user experience. This non-volatile memory transforms the everyday PC to a performance driven system.

Join The Optane Revolution

In order for Intel Optane memory to function you will require a GIGABYTE 200 Series Motherboards with the latest BIOS. For those of you who already own an AORUS or GIGABYTE 200 Series Motherboard you are Optane Ready, all that's needed is a simple BIOS Update. With Optane installed feel the performance of your accelerated PC.

Updating the BIOS

Updating the BIOS

Updating the BIOS on your AORUS or GIGABYTE Motherboard is easy. There are 3 simple ways to update your firmware whether you choose to use Q-Flash, Q-Flash Plus, or @BIOS. These exclusive tools will help walk you through the steps for a worry-free update. Of course with GIGABYTE's exclusive DualBIOS Technology even if something goes wrong, we've got you covered with the onboard backup BIOS.
* Latest Intel drivers are required before Optane Memory can function properly.

1. Q-Flash Plus

2. Q-Flash

3. @BIOS

Supported Motherboards

Chipset Model Name BIOS Version
Z270 Z270X-Gaming 9 F5
Z270X-Gaming 8 F6
Z270X-Gaming 7 F6
Z270X-Gaming K7 F6
Z270X-Gaming 5 F7
Z270X-Gaming K5 F6
Z270X-Gaming SOC F4
Z270X-Ultra Gaming F6
Z270-Phoenix Gaming F5
Z270-Gaming 3 F5
Z270-Gaming K3 F7
Z270X-UD5 F4
Z270X-UD3 F6
Z270-HD3P F6
Z270-HD3 F6
Z270P-D3 F5
Z270MX-Gaming 5 F4
Z270M-D3P F5
Z270M-D3H F6
Z270N-Gaming 5 F4
H270 H270-Gaming 3 F6
H270-HD3P F6
H270-HD3 F5
H270M-D3H F5
H270M-DS3H F5
B250 B250-HD3P F7
B250-HD3 F6
B250M-Gaming 5 F5
B250M-D3H F6
B250M-DS3H F6
B250M-HD3 F6
B250M-Gaming 3 F4
Q270 Q270M-D3H F3