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June 2, Taipei GIGABYTE launched new P-series laptops with full array of features and class-leading performance. Thanks to the 5th generation Intel Core i7 processors in 14nm Broadwell architecture, GIGABYTE laptops are packed with more horsepower yet more efficient in consumption than ever. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900M series graphics built on Maxwell architecture brings more visual breakthroughs, such as DSR, MFAA and VXGI technology, previously...more
22 Jan, Taipei – GIGABYTE announced a 17.3” slim gaming laptop P37X for anyone who seeks uncompromised gaming performance and multimedia fun on the move. Boosted by a top-of-line GTX 980M graphics, P37X is capable of fantastic gameplay and splendid P10000+ in 3DMark 11. Measuring just 22.5mm thin and weighs 2.8 kg, this beast boasts a slender posture despite its dominating performance. GIGABYTE exclusive Macro Hub translates personalized macro...more
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