GIGABYTE Virtual Show 2020

5G Smart City
Join discussions led by GIGABYTE and industry experts on products and services that will transform urban cities into smart cities from cloud to edge to 5G. See how AI-enabled IoT devices and data-driven cloud systems can connect the digital information with day-to-day behaviors and create economical values to Upgrade Your Life.
GIGABYTE Bring Smart to Life
Retail & Entertainment
AI-enabled IoT devices provide better insights into consumer's behavior and instantaneously feedback for seamless online-offline marketing opportunities.
AR & VR will become the mainstream medium to offer more unique and eccentric experiences to users in both media and entertainment interactions.
Businesses today look for more data-driven intelligence for their success. Our server solutions help businesses stay vigilant and provide reliable and flexible options to capture, analyze, and transform digital information into economic data. Employees can maintain high work output with the mobility and performance of next-gen AERO laptops.
Healthcare today can benefit from tomorrow’s technologies as cameras integrated with AI functions are able to monitor patient activities to free nurses from watch duties and help them make time-critical decisions quickly and accurately.
Advanced data centers are able to assist medical professionals access patient data efficiently, analyze medical results, and provide real-time examination feedbacks.
Powerful PCs and smart technologies will make schools safer and educations more innovative, intuitive, and versatile with AR & VR contents.
High-performance AERO series laptops made for digital creators also open up the opportunities of long-distance remote learning.
Public Service
HCI servers at the edge will be the key to increase the efficiency in public services by offering lower latency for real-time intelligent decisions and services with reduced cost of transmission. Improved IoT and computing capabilities also allow higher efficiency at personnel management, deploying the right persons for the right things at the right time in public sectors.
5G & Data Center
Server products and solutions need to be of high availability for businesses to succeed while facing the challenges of 5G and meet their goals in the changing environment moved by the growing volume, variety, and velocity of data.
Discuss with Industry Experts
    TRENDING IoT / IPC / Embedded
    What's the eye-tracking technology you are using in Interactive Digital Signage?
    Interactive Digital Signage's software can offer touch less interaction with targeted content, based on the user’s sight direction and gesture recognition.
    TRENDING Server
    GIGABYTE Common Design for EPYC Servers
    In order to fulfill the demands from different applications, we took the advantage of our “Building Block” developing concept and created an extensive worldwide EPYC line-up in a very short lead time. Today, in GIGABYTE R series, H Series, G Series, AMD EPYC has been a major and leading platform for all workloads.
    NEW Laptop
    How 4K HDR/OLED display got outstanding color gamut presents!
    Why we need higher color gamut display on laptops for creators? Do you really want a gaming or creating laptop only comes with good CPU and Graphics, but bad display quality?
    RECOMMEND IoT / IPC / Embedded
    How can the behaviors of customers affect sales volumes?
    The behaviors of customers can be analyzed by our system. For example, there is a spot in the store attracting the largest number of customers and this spot can be found out by analyzing the flow of customers. Shopkeepers can place their main product in the hot zone (the blue dots in the picture below) for better sales.
    HOT PC / Component
    What can you do with BRIX™?
    Home entertainment, Work and Business, Advertising, or All of above?
    RECOMMEND IoT / IPC / Embedded
    What is the difference between 2D IP camera and 3D TOF sensor?
    2D IP Camera is suitable whenever the application offers high contrast or if the structure and color of the object are decisive for the end result. 3D ToF sensor is used in particular whenever volumes, shapes or the 3D position of objects will be analyzed. Depth information can also be used in the examination of objects and images that do not have enough contrast for 2D. Comparing with 2D IP camera, 3D ToF sensor is not only can generate depth information, but provide privacy protection and more reliable security. 3D ToF sensor is also a cost-effective solution by running on low power computing resources.
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