GIGABYTE X11 - Full Carbon Fiber, The Lightest on Earth Notebook


Lightest 11.6” Ultrabook™ on Earth at Only 975g

With the application of high-tech carbon fiber materials and our superb design capabilities, we have made the X11 the lightest 11.6” Ultrabook™!

Ultra Thin Form Factor 3~16.5mm

With precise calculations and design, we have made the X11’s thinnest part only at 3mm and even the thickest part when the laptop is closed is only 16.5mm. The ultra sleek outline showcases laptop craftsmanship at its best.

Full Made of Carbon Fiber

X11 is definitely the pinnacle of carbon fiber laptops. With our exceeding craftsmanship, we have made it possible for a whole carbon fiber chassis which demonstrates exclusiveness of functionality.

Rugged and Sustainable with Carbon Fiber

Being both light weight and extremely rigid are features of carbon fiber, and that is why the carbon fiber made X11 is ultimately light but solid. Testing results have shown the specific strength of carbon fiber laptops are 600% higher than aluminum laptops and with higher elasticity which makes the X11 more resistance of compression and external forces.

Carbon Fiber Woven Diamond/ Black Cover

X11 is made by unique diamond weaving technique with careful application of transparent or black paint coating, forming the amazing Woven Diamond and Black Diamond classics X11. The Woven Diamond exposes the beauty of the original glaze carbon black and diamondbacks weaving patterns. The Black Diamond applies the lacquer on the cover to show the meticulous texture.

3D Arc Design

With the core concept of the design of a super sports car, our designers have significantly stretched out two sleek curves on the chassis with the cues of a sports car. The simple and stereoscopic lines therefore add a dynamic touch to the low-key X11 exterior.

Handcrafted Low-Key Luxury

Only through the eyes and high standards and hand polishing of our craftsmen, could any chassis become the body of an X11. Every X11 carbon fiber laptop is fully hand-made which makes it extremely valuable for collection and practical use!

Aluminum Alloy Shaft

The elegantly aluminum alloy shaft looks just like the sleek silver wheels of a profound super sports car, adding a low-key luxurious and speedy look for the X11. The aluminum alloy shaft is made with reinforcement applications and uncompromising tests made 20,000 times, which makes durability coexist with beauty.

True Island-Style Keyboard

X11 uses the 95% full size island keyboard, increasing the distance between each key. This not only makes the X11 more good looking but also enhances the comfort when typing, and also makes it easy to maintain.

Large Responsive Glass Fiber Multi-Touch Touchpad

X11 is equipped with a large multi-touch pad. The glass fiber surface makes it more sensitive to your gestures and provides a smooth touch. In addition, with the multi-touch function, X11 makes it more intuitive to operate your laptop.

Sports Car Air Vents

Taking inspiration from the exhausts of supercars ,the GIGABYTE R&D team has developed the air vent design that efficiently exports the heat of the laptop, and also makes cooling even more efficient with its application of aluminum materials.

High efficient 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

The X11 is equipped with the latest 3rd generation Intel® Core™ Processors. The new platform not only is upgraded with performance but also saving more power, and intelligently multi-tasks. Also, the built-in Intel Rapid Start technology, Intel Identity Protection Technology and Intel Anti-Theft Technology enhances the data security of your notebook in a smarter way.

Lightning Speed 128GB SSD*

The X11 is equipped with the original SATA III SSD, providing a higher writing speed. Enjoy the pleasure of working fast and quick on the X11!
*The storage size may differ between different countries and regions, we kindly recommend confirming with the local dealers or retailers for the latest specifications.

Quick Startups with Intel® Rapid Start Technology™

Intel® Rapid Start Technology™ allows the X11 to quickly resume from instant on and sleep mode. With Intel® Rapid Start Technology, you can resume to the previous session exactly as it was and applications will be in the same state with no data loss.

Experience the 10X Faster USB 3.0 Interface

The X11 is packed with USB 3.0 interface, with a transfer speed 10 times faster than USB 2.0. File transfers are completed just in a blink, also providing more electricity support and a dual-way transmission system, keeping your data in sync anytime.

Energy Efficient with Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

Bluetooth 4.0 is more energy efficient and stays in hibernation mode while idle without draining much power. It will then activate itself when transferring files. Sharing content between friends has never been easier.

16:9 High definition LED backlit display

X11 comes with the 1366X768 high resolution HD LED backlight display which delivers bright and vibrant colors, smooth and stable images, and true to life detail. X11 is not just extremely light, but also gives you an extreme multimedia experience.

High Fidelity Speakers

With the efforts of professional audio engineers and our R&D team, we are able to make the largest resonator and large diaphragm monomer in the extremely thin X11 chassis that provides a rich and large sound. Also with the adjustments of wave lengths and increasing the bass frequency, the bass performance is lower and clearer, providing you an immersive audio experience!

Restore Your System Easily with Smart Recovery

By a quick click on F9, experience the Smart Recovery to restore factory default easily.

Proudly Made in Taiwan

The GIGABYTE X11 is made in Taiwan by an excellent team that achieves premium quality.