Windows 8.1 with free bundled Office Home & Student 2013

The S10M comes with Windows 8.1 and free bundled Office Home & Student 2013, providing a complete office on the go. The Windows 8.1 with an inituitive user interface enables businesses to create their own line-of-business apps to help improve overall productivity.

Dual-core Processor with long battery life

The S10M is powered by Intel® Bay Trail-M dual-core processor with enhanced battery life and great graphics performance, which is great for handling all your daily mobile computing tasks with ease.

Large Storage Capacity for Practicability

Never worry about space limitations with a massive 320GB~1TB hard drive. The large storage 2.5" 7mm HDD makes it easy to load the S10M with all your important applications, files and media. S10M also provides 64GB~256GB SSD storage option.

Full PC Connectivity with I/O Ports

The S10M comes equipped with numerous I/O ports that provide exceptional connectivity options. The USB ports make it easy to hook up useful peripheral devices. There is also an SD card reader, which is perfect to use for viewing multimedia from a digital camera or video recorder. When at home or work, the S10M can even transform itself into a desktop computer by using the HDMI or D-sub port to hook up a second monitor for dual-screen multitasking.

Battery Status Check

The innovative function of battery status check in off-mode can save your time instantly which brings you a convenient mobility life. Simply press the volume button "-" to check the remaining battery life of the main battery and the extended battery.

Extended Battery for Long-lasting Enjoyment (Optional)
The main battery plus extended battery provides long battery life, which is great for long flights, all day meetings and for times when you are constantly on the go. The small extended battery weighs just 100g and is very portable.
*The listed battery life is based on MobileMark 2007® power saving mode testing. Testing environment:MobileMark 2007, LCD Brightness 10%, Wireless-OFF , Bluetooth-OFF.

Optical Finger Navigation and Mouse Buttons

The S10M is equipped with an optical finger navigation button as well as left/right mouse buttons. This excellent design gives users the ability to operate the S10M like they would with any non-slate computer. Now opening applications and making precise edits to documents is simply a breeze. The optical navigation button can also be used for clicking, dragging and page scrolling, just like a real mouse.

Fantastic Capacitive Multi-touch Screen

Featuring a striking 10.1" capacitive multi-touch LED backlit display, the S10M produces bright and crisp images. The capacitive multi-touch display provides a remarkable touch experience that is perfect for making presentations, accomplishing business tasks, viewing media and playing games.

  • Wi-Fi Technology
    Wireless Connectivity for Ultimate Mobility
    When it comes to mobile connectivity, the S10M is packed with options of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3.5G (*optional). With the 3.5G support*, you can connect to high-speed Internet while on the go. This makes it easy to get online without worrying about whether there are Wi-Fi hotspots nearby.
  • Docking Station
    Docking Station transforms the S10M into a Multimedia Center (*optional)
    While the S10M is great to use as a business tool, there is also a fantastic docking station (D1080) that transforms the slate into a thrilling multimedia and entertainment center. The docking station comes with a DVD drive and a powerful audio system that is great for enjoying music, movies and videos. The docking station also has full I/O ports that bring excellent connectivity options and also ensures that there is never any need to deal with the hassle of unplugging accessories.
  • Smart Software
    GIGABYTE Smart Software for Convenient Life
    GIGABYTE Smart Technology optimizes and integrates software applications providing convenience to users and a smart efficient experience.