Stunning Discrete Graphics: Unleash Your Gaming Souls
P37X features a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M GDDR5 8GB, capable of P10,000+ in 3DMark 11*, ensuring users a solid edge over the competition. Battery Boost 2.0 delivers an uncompromised gaming experience with 30% extra battery life at the same frame rate.
*Tested in Stretched Mode.
Larger VRAM for Victory
Running major titles at ultra-high resolution with 4X anti-aliasing and the finest details enabled, takes extra graphics memory. GIGABYTE P37 is packed with double VRAM capacity compared to the majority of our competitors, rendering stunning effects without compromising on system performance. Head straight for more FPS with lighting effect, motion blur, and texture filtering checked to high… Your P37 is fully loaded for the battle.
Incredible Design
The mix of innovative thermal design as well as continual commitment to user experience generates this super slim and lightweight gadget—22.5mm / 2.8Kg. P37 will surely reign the thinnest and lightest gaming laptop in its class.
Agility of Actions: Macro Function
P37 provides exclusive Macro keys and macro hub functions, capable of setting combination keys for complicated operations. With rapid responses of Macro Keys, you can trigger numerous attacks simultaneously, ensuring the pure dominance of the field.
Top-notch Thermal by Supra-cool Technology
The innovative Supra-cool technology features dual heat pipes plus dual fans for the CPU & GPU, ensuring excellent thermal conductivity for outstanding cooling. Stunning performance and superior stability has always been, and all always will be a GIGABYTE standard for a gaming laptop. This is once again demonstrated on the P37 model.
Fan Tweak: Customized Stability
Fan Tweak is designed with system stability in mind while best user experience is guaranteed. All modes (except Max Fan) feature automatic progressive fan speed control, which monitor different user sessions for the optimal cooling scenarios. A relatively higher initial fan speed manages the piling-up heat during heavy sessions; a lower speed steps in for more tranquil experience whenever the chassis temperature drops to a set level.
High Performance, Massive Quad-storage System
The P37 supports up to two 512GB mSATA SSD and two huge 2TB HDD, delivering high speed and massive storage options. The RAID 0 structure and extraordinary mSATA SSD read/write rate produces hot-pursued performance for serious gamers.
*Product specifications and product appearance may differ by country and region. Please contact your local dealers or retailers for the latest product information.
Incorporating 3 SSDs in RAID 0 array, P37 breaks speed barriers with lightning transmission above 1500MB/s, eliminating access time and loading screens and delivering an upgraded gaming experience. Unleash maximum speed 12.5X faster than single HDD and 3X faster than standard mSATA SSD. Enjoy the full spectrum of your games.
Outstanding Flexibility: Hot Swappable ODD/HDD Slot
The ingenious design of hot swappable ODD/ HDD slot* brings more choices as well as opportunities for gamers. The swappable bay can take a DVD RW drive, Blu-ray drive or additional 2TB HDD. Ultimate customization creates unprecedented mobility.
*Product specifications and product appearance may differ by country and region. Please contact your local dealers or retailers for the latest product information.
Full HD IPS Display with Wide Viewing Angle
The 1080p Full HD IPS display grants wide viewing angle, rendering vivid color and sensational impacts. Sharing game scenes with your partners will no longer be a problem.
*Panel specifications may differ by country and region. Please contact your local dealers or retailers for the latest product information.
UHD / 4K Ready: Mini DisplayPort Out
P37 comes with a built-in Mini DisplayPort, capable of outputting to an external display for an ultra-high resolution up to 4K at 60Hz. Enjoy next-generation visuals and your favorite games on large screens now. Feast your eyes on the incredible details never seen before.
Dolby Digital Plus™: Surround Sound Anywhere, Everywhere
Dolby Digital Plus™ creates a realistic game-play environment that lets you hear every window smash, feel every explosion, and experience every wipeout as if they're really happening. Surround Virtualizer creates a virtualized surround sound experience of stereo or multichannel content over built-in speakers or over headphones. Whether you're playing games, watching Blu-ray movies, or streaming videos, your P37X is an awesome multi-entertainment hub when it has advanced Dolby Digital Plus™.
Auto-adjust Backlit Keyboard
The P37 comes with an ambient-light sensing backlit keyboard. It adjusts the light emitted dependent on the user’s environment, making typing in dimly lit conditions and gaming in the dark free of troubles.
802.11ac: 45% - 70% faster than regular 802.11n
802.11ac, the next generation of wireless, promises intensified signals and more stable connections. Enjoy stronger throughput, extended coverage, less speed decline, and above all, freedom to play anywhere with your P37.