Get Game Ready with GeForce® GTX.
GeForce GTX delivers the fastest performance, with the most advance gaming technologies (NVIDIA GameWorks™) and the best gaming ecosystem (GeForce Experience™).
Amazing Virtual Reality Experience
Get you ready for the fast performance and low latency required for an amazing virtual reality experience.
Multi-Frame sampled Anti-Aliasing (MFAA)
MFAA easily doubles your performance by alternating sample calculations for anti-aliasing resulting in faster and smoother gameplay.
Dynamic Super Resolution Technology (DSR)
Delivers 4K-quality images to 1080p displays for exceptional detail and fidelity.

WATERFORCE All-in-One WATER Cooling System

Combining the high-end GTX 980 Ti GPU with GIGABYTE all-in-one water cooling system to bring you the most exhilarating gaming experience and beyond.

Optimization pump and water block

The optimized pump and the full coverage copper base on GPU/RAM/MOSFET deliver the most efficient water flow and cooling performance at a lower noise level.

Durable 120mm Smart Fan

Equipped with 120mm dynamic adjusting fan, enables you to optimize the balance between fan noise and performance.

Robust FEP tubes

With nearly no moisture absorption, high thermal stability and high pressure tolerance, the sturdy FEP tubes greatly enhance product life and durability.

16.8M Customizable Color Lighting

With 16.8M customizable color options and numerous lighting effects, you could now choose the right scheme for your gaming rig through OC GURU utility software.

GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting

Forged with only the top-notch GPU, the Gigabyte XTREME GAMING graphics cards guarantee the higher overclocking capability in terms of excellent power switching, ensuring the highest performance without compromising system reliability.

Built for Super Overclock

Built in the LN2 BIOS and extra 6-PIN PCI-E power connectors provide the xtreme overclocking potential by one-click BIOS switch button.
LN2 mode : Base/Boost: 1102/1178; Memory: 7010MHz

Stylish Metal Back Plate

Glorious black metal back plate inspires passion for gaming.

LED power indicators to show if the PCI-E voltage from PSU is stable

Be alert when PCI-E voltage is unstable with the smart power LED indicators. When experiencing any power abnormality, the indicator will alert gamers by flashing light. Abnormal power-related events will recorded in the system as well through OC GURU utility software as a useful reference for troubleshooting.

Aerospace-grade PCB Coating for Best Protection

Dust -resistant shields the circuit board from dust, insects, dropped screws, drill shavings, and abrasion.

Moisture-resistant prevents unwanted conduction paths and board damage.

Corrosion-resistant protects boards from environmental contaminants, such as salt spray, humidity, and corrosion.

Built for extreme overclocking with 12+2 power phases

Compared to the reference design, the 12+2 power phases on the card make the MOSFET working at a lower temperature and provide more stable voltage output. Over temperature protection and load balance to each MOSFET can effectively extend the card life.

Titan X-grade Chokes and Capacitors for Extreme Durability

Xtreme Gaming Graphics Cards are engineered with the same highest-grade chokes and capacitors as those of Titan X, delivering high quality performance and longer system lifespan.


Brand-new intuitive user interface helps you easily modify important settings and directly update driver and BIOS. Clock speeds, voltage, fan performance, and OSD setting can be monitored and tuned in real-time according to your own preference.

Friendly PCB Design thanks to Fully Automated Production Process

Fully automated production process ensures top quality of the circuit boards and eliminates sharp protrusions of the solder connectors seen on the conventional PCB surface. This friendly design prevents your hands from getting cut or inadvertently damaging components when making your build.