2008 iF Award Winner
2008 iF International Product Design Award Winner.
Notebook Cooling Pad
A stylish notebook companion with a passive cooling solution.
Flexible Design
A casual and flexible approach is implemented on Roll Pad.

Aluminum Brushed Finish
Utilizing lightweight aluminum for heat transfer and elevation.
Diamond Carved Logo
An engraved carved logo for the GIGABYTE allure.
Usage Examples
A single level elevation fold to increase airflow passages.

Usage Examples
A two level elevation fold to increase airflow passages and tilt.
Usage Examples
A pedestal elevated level with horizontal posture.
Usage Examples
The traditional foundation elevation.

Fan-Less Design
Fan-less design with zero working parts.
Silent Solution at 0dB
Fan-less solution with zero working decibel of sound.
Featherweight category of coolers make it the super carrier.