The GIGABYTE T1000 10.1" tablet netbook comes with Genuine Windows® 7 Starter or Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium and it is aesthetically designed to appeal with its stylish Latte Gold finish. Featuring a dynamic swiveling multi-touch screen, T1000 uses Intel’s latest Pine Trail-M platform which further enhances the overall performance while increasing the endurance of the battery for extended usage and improved mobility. The T1000, with its swivel.

Rotatable Multi-touch Screen

The rotatable multi-touch screen provides intuative user exprience and the 180° dynamic swivelable panel can convert T1000 into a tablet mode within a second.


92% Full-Sized Keyboard

 Comfortable typing is assured by 92% full-sized
 keyboard. Plus, wide key space at 17.5mm
  facilitates swift and accurate key strokes.

Battery Status Indicator

The exclusive function of battery status check in offline mode can save your time instantly which brings you a convenient mobility life.

Multi-Touch Touchpad Interaction

Experiencing finger dancing with the multi-touch track pad control, you can easily scroll up and down a webpage, zoom in an image or swipe the trackpad back and forth by moving two fingertips.

Smart Manager Control

Smart Manager user interface consolidates different system programs into one single intuitive guiding page, which makes personal setting just a click away.

Power mode:

Press the power mode icon to select different power management mode.

Wireless LAN:

Press the Wireless LAN icon to enable/disable Wireless LAN connectivity.


Press the Bluetooth icon to enable/disable Bluetooth radio.


Press the 3G icon to enable/disable 3G device. (Optional)

Battery Status:

The Battery icon with capacity status will be shown on the screen after the battery is placed.


Press the camera icon to turn on/off Webcam power.


The AC-IN icon will be shown on the screen once the AC Adapter is plugged in. The battery icon will be shown on the screen when using battery as the main power source.

Smart Charge:

Press the Smart Charge icon to select the USB power supplying mode under Sleep Mode when using battery as the main power source *. (Optional)

Volume control:

Press the volume control icon to adjust the volume level.

Screen Rotation:

Press the screen rotation icon to rotate the display direction.


Press the mute icon to enable/disable the mute mode.

Touch Screen Setting:

Press the touch panel icon to adjust touch panel settings.


Press the brightness icon to adjust the level of the display backlight brightness.


Press the calibration icon to calibrate the touch screen.

High Speed Mobile Broadband Support (optional)

With 3.5G support, you can now access high-speed internet anytime anywhere. This allows you to get online, without worrying about Wi-Fi hotspots. The 3.5G connection is enabled through mobile broadband

T1000 tallies to Energy Star’s standard and
proving its remarkable energy conservation effect.
This indicates lower transport cost, overall power consumption and reduced heat distribution.

Easy Upgrade for HDD and Memory

When the need for more storage space or higher
memory capacity arises, the special modularized-design of the T1000 allows quick and easy hassle-free upgrading.

Handwriting Recognition

Intelligent handwriting recognition provides an intuitive and easy-to-use alternative to typing, giving users a fast, convenient way for entering text.

The Handwriting Recognition software is only available on selected language (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System) models.