Customizable Light Beam Projector
Projected display image with customizable transparent projector plate.
Front Intake Ventilation with Washable Filter
Front intake vent with washable air filter housing a large 12cm intake fan.
Internal Liquid System Space Provisions
Provisions have been made for the future upgrades to liquid-cooling systems, recommended: GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy liquid cooling system.

Liquid Cooling Upgrade Primed
Dual tube outlets for future liquid cooling support.
Sliding Drive Rails
Brackets for hard disk mounting enable slotting and un-slotting manageability.
Tool-free Chassis
Tool-less installation of devices with clip-lock and lever mechanisms.

Cable-managed Interior
Interior cabling all clamped and managed to allow tidy looks and internal airflow.
Dual Exchangeable Side Panels
Users may change the side panel according to their preferences, either the clear transparent acrylic window or the ventilated steel mesh plate.