Smart Dual LAN
Blisteringly Fast and Seamless Connectivity
GIGABYTE Smart Dual LAN technology features intelligent LAN port auto-switching between the 2 physical Gigabit LAN chips, offering hassle free, zero downtime, high speed network connectivity. Experience blisteringly fast network data access of up to 2Gbps bandwidth transmission with Teaming enabled, and enjoy added power savings with Green Ethernet.


How Smart Dual LAN Works
  LAN Chip 1 encounters     
    hardware failure, resulting           network outage for LAN 1
Smart Dual LAN
With Smart Dual LAN, LAN Chip 2 automatically kicks in without requiring users to physically switch the network cable
Traditional Design
Users are required to reconnect the network by switching the network cable to LAN 2
How Teaming Works
Teaming can be explained with a simple example of connecting two PCs via a LAN cable: without teaming the connection speed is limited to that of one LAN port; with teaming enabled the network bandwidth is effectively doubled to that of two LAN ports, i.e. up to 2 Gbps.

eSATA / USB combo connectors
2 eSATA\USB combo connectors for enhanced hard drive flexibility with no need for additional power source.
2-in-1 combination connector design capable of accepting eSATA & USB cable plug.
Provides connection between a PC and an external storage device, similar to existing USB connections but supports up to 3 Gb/s SATA data rates.

Precision OV
Hardware Over Voltage Control ICs
provide more voltage control
options than before (CPU, NB & Memory).
HW linear real time voltage control provides finer voltage control steppings as little as 20 mV min (.002 V) with no delay compared to previous GPIO.

Debug LED
Embedded post code Debug LED display indicates system status for users.

Real-time LED Display onboard
OV-Alert LED
Embedded  4 sets of overvoltage LEDs indicating the overvoltage level of the CPU, memory, North Bridge and South Bridge to prevent component damage.
OC-Alert LED
Onboard LEDs indicating the level of CPU overclock.
Two sets of temperature indicating LEDs indicate the temperature level of the CPU and North Bridge.
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