Dear friends of GIGABYTE:

GIGABYTE has always taken pride in its integrity, superior quality, and comprehensive services to its customers. With your support, GIGABYTE has been able to grow to its current size and shape. And the higher we rise, the more we become aware of our responsibility and impact on the economy, the environment, and society. We strive to live up to our core values that underpin our corporate vision “Upgrade Your Life” by bringing more convenient and new technologies and products to consumers, caring for our planet, society, and culture, and building a sustainable enterprise in every sense of the word.

Seize Opportunities, Accelerate Innovation
In the rapidly changing global marketplace, GIGABYTE continues to make great strides into new market segments and to create high-value strategic alliances through forward-looking planning and management. In recent years, the gaming (e-sports) market grows tremendously. In addition to developing high-performing hardware geared toward gaming, GIGABYTE’s gaming brand AORUS has launched high-profile new activities and developed gaming teams. In 2018, we hosted the first edition of the AORUS OPEN global gaming tournament, which proved an unforgettable gaming experience and positioned us as one of Taiwan’s top brands in gaming computers. Meanwhile, we offer cloud devices in response to strong demand from 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data computing. We are also developing comprehensive solutions of hardware, software, and support for artificial intelligence and big data analysis on hybrid and private clouds in order to assist enterprises to press ahead with their digital transformation.

Reshaping Corporate Awareness, Linking with International Sustainability Trends
In the 21st century, some multinational corporations have more financial clout and social influence than national governments. When the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) released in 2015, we realized that as a company with abundant resources and great impact on society we are duty-bound to respond to stakeholders’ expectations under the SDG framework. In 2018, GIGABYTE published our product environmental reports, which comprehensively examined the impact of our products on climate, air quality, and ecology. We held a supplier sustainability conference to forge stronger links with sustainable partners to create greater sustainable value for society. Meantime, we also went ahead with a free-plastic campaign in our staff canteen, stepped our collaboration with NGOs to deliver environmental education, and we worked to further strengthen the spirit of sustainability among our employees to ensure that ecological awareness becomes part and parcel of everything we do at GIGABYTE.

It takes Ten Years to Grow a Tree and a Hundred Years to Grow a Talent Pick up the Baton to Mitigate Climate Change
Climate change has become a responsibility that our society can no longer escape. Forward-looking as we are, GIGABYTE realized that intergenerational cooperation and continuous action are needed. So, in addition to our G-HOME Sustainable Eco-roof, greenhouse gas inventory, and a contract with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation in Germany that we commit to planting 75,000 trees for the planet to play an active role in mitigating climate change, our G-HOME Environmental Education courses enables participants to rethink their lifestyles, and the Plant-for-the-Planet Academies we held in Taiwan empower children to be more aware of climate change and to speak up on this topic. We anticipate that coexistence with nature and dialogue in society become basic concepts of every citizen in the future.

GIGABYTE Always Keeps Sustainability in the Future
GIGABYTE has long adhered to our core values “Upgrade Your Life”, which means that we place importance on the products we develop, our immediate environment, our employees, and all our stakeholders. We realize that our journey of sustainability will never end, and we hope to inspire as many people as possible to move forward together as we all forge a path toward a sustainable world.