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Copper Cooled Quality
GIGABYTE 2x Copper PCB series motherboards
What is 2x Copper PCB Layer?
Each motherboard PCB consists of a number of layers that are tightly packed together to form a hard board. The most important two layers are the power and ground layers that essentially work the same as any electrical cable or plug to power devices. The glaring difference being that a motherboard is designed to power vast numbers of components from a single board. So with 2x copper PCBs, the power and ground layers in GIGABYTE motherboards are doubled to provide a more solid, durable and cooler system for discerning PC usersUltra Durable™ Family.
Reducing Impedance by 2x, allows greater electric current flow and reduces heat generation
is Better
PCB layer cross-section images, magnified 200x       
PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
2x copper PCB = weight of copper layer
30.48 cm x 30.48 cm (1 square foot) PCB is 56.7 g (2 oz)
Benefits of 2 oz Copper PCB
2x Lower
Better Power
Lower EMI
Better ESD
More 2x copper PCB information, please link the 2x copper PCB website.
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