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Yet Gigabyte managed to edge out its rival in write performance by taking its 5.0 Gb/s pathway directly from the CPU, eliminating any middle parts (like the DMI interface connecting Core i7 to P55) that could slow the interface down…,2490-7.html
Tweak Town
We are already starting to see motherboard makers like GIGABYTE implementing USB 3.0 in their latest designs and looking to build new X58 chipset boards with USB 3.0 included.
Mad Shrimps
Another Gigabyte innovation is the increased stability for USB power. At 4.65V or lower, an USB device will stop functioning so, with the necessity of more stability due to the higher transfer rates, Gigabyte did the necessary to ensure full stability.
Gigabyte decided not to stop there. Why not allow users even more flexibility and provide the current they really need? So every P55A board with SSUSB technology will be capable of supplying a whopping 1500mA (1.5A) to each SSUSB device!
Gigabyte has implemented the SATA 3 and USB 3.0 interfaces P55 platform wide and made it easily and inexpensively available earlier in the game than any previous evolution of new interfaces we've ever seen.
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