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Build Your Own All-in-One PC with GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX Motherboards

GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards are designed to revolutionize the DIY PC industry, offering DIY users the opportunity to build their own All-in-One PC. All-in-One PCs are becoming a very popular choice for many of today’s consumers, offering a space-saving, more integrated PC experience that doesn’t compromise on performance and features.

Until now however, there was no established standard around which manufacturers could design and build All-in-One designs, resulting in a fragmented eco-system that inevitably added cost and limited innovation. The new Thin Mini-ITX standard has been developed specifically with All-in-One PCs in mind, outlining several key guidelines concerning the design and integration of the key components that make up an All-in-One PC including power delivery, CPU socket position and more.
Thin Mini-ITX: 43% Thinner than Standard Mini-ITX
Thin Mini-ITX builds on the standard 17cm x 17cm Mini-ITX form factor, adding an additional 2.5cm IO shield height limitation that ensures compatibility with thinner chassis designs and builds. Other optimizations such as external power delivery, CPU socket placement and SO-DIMM memory come together to make a form factor that is built to power sleek system designs that offer great performance.
Typical All-in-One features include HD touch-enabled screens, built-in stereo speakers, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated card reader, additional digital display outputs, USB 3.0 connectivity and built-in ambient light sensors.

Several All-in-One chassis designs that follow Thin Mini-ITX guidelines are currently available with dozens more expected later in 2014. These chassis combine touch-capable HD displays, internal cooling components and are geared to work seamlessly with GIGABYTE Thin Mini-ITX motherboards.

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