Unique Design
Smart 6™
Smart 6™
A smarter way for PC system Management
GIGABYTE Smart 6™ is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and offers a combination of 6 innovative software utilities that provide easier and smarter PC system management. Smart 6™ allows you to speed up system performance, reduce boot-up time, manage a secure platform and recover previous system settings easily with a click of the mouse button.

* Only for Intel X58A/ P55A series motherboards.
Smart QuickBoot
Smart QuickBoot speeds up the system boot-up process and shortens the waiting time for entering the operating system, delivering greater efficiency for daily use.
Smart QuickBoost
Smart QuickBoost features quick and effortless CPU overclocking for novice and experienced users alike; users simply click on one of three levels of CPU performance levels, and Smart QuickBoost automatically adjusts CPU performance.
Smart Recovery
Smart Recovery allows users to easily roll-back system settings to a previous known working status. Users can simple select the day, week or month without prior setup of a backup time flag.
Smart DualBIOS™
Smart DualBIOS not only allows double protection for the motherboard with two physical BIOS ROMs, it also includes a new feature that can record important passwords and dates.
Smart Recorder
Smart Recorder monitors and records the activities in a system such as the time when the PC was turned on/off or even when large data files were copied.
Smart TimeLock  
Smart TimeLock allows parents to schedule time limits for their children to use the PC. It makes the rules simple by, e.g. being able to select different usage times for weekdays and weekends.
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