5G CrowdCell for Healthcare

Quick Access and Easy Deployment for Mobile Health Monitoring System

Remote Health Monitoring Network

The health monitoring system is based on a cellular network technology called the CrowdCell with associated sensors and cameras to detect, track and notify the operators and users of the health status of people entering healthcare environment. It works in a completely decentralized manner so that highly localized actions could be taken by the authorities efficiently and highly resilient to the overall cellular function failures.

Why 5G CrowdCell for Healthcare

  • plan_Deployment
    Quick Deployment

    Small & light form factor and simple to deploy in a given area.

  • samrt_quick
    Rapid Data Transmission

    CrowdCell is used to enable real-time detection of potential infection and enable a very quick response.

  • connect
    Massive Devices Connectivity

    Healthcare monitoring devices could be directly connected to the CrowdCell with both wired and wireless options.

  • privacy
    Privacy Protection

    Analysis tools run on the platform with security protocol, the results of which could be shared securely with health professionals via cellular network.

  • save_money
    Economic Feasibility

    Easily adpotable, reducing infrastructure capital and operating expenditures.

  • alert_EmergencyCall
    Emergency Call Provision

    Feature rich emergency calls is enabled including health history of a given patient to the doctor and/or nurses that are assigned to a given patient.

GIGABYTE / Lime Micro Can Help Healthcare System with 5G CrowdCell
Why 5G matters? How it can assist healthcare workers to fight against COVID-19? Let us explain to you everything.

You May Be Curious

Who is LimeNet?
LimeNet, GIGABYTE's partner for 5G CrowdCell, is a software-defined networking provider & pioneer in 5G technology field.  It belongs to Lime Microsystems, who specializes in field programmable RF(FPRF) transceivers, SDR platforms and ecosystem technology for the next generation of wireless broadband systems.
Where can I buy 5G CrowdCell?
You can visit LimeNet website or click below "contact us" to place order.
Can 5G CrowdCell be used like an IoT gateway?
Yes. Such a slim-design device to transmit wireless signals indoor and outdoor in limited spaces, 5G CrowdCell is compatible to be used as an IoT gateway not only for business purpose but also for individial smart home devices.
I am interested in this healthcare monitoring system. Does it include a software dashboard for data management?
Not at this stage, it will be available in Q4. The integration software is under development.
Will there be a software upgrade through OTA (over-the-air)?
Yes, applications are packaged as secure containers using the Ubuntu snap technology. Distribution is via the LimeNET app store and CrowdCell can be configured for automatic updates.
What applications are available for CrowdCell?
Currently available applications include 5G base station and core, along with support for previous cellular generations, content distribution platforms, and a variety of private cloud and edge compute solutions, to name just a few.
Can custom applications be developed for CrowdCell?
Absolutely, together with our partners we provide a rich selection of APIs and offer out-of-the-box support for many industry standard open protocols. We also have and vibrant and constantly growing developer community.

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