5G CrowdCell for Live Streaming Event

Network Communication Solution to Enhance Live Streaming VR/AR Experience

Next Generation Spectator Experience for All

5G CrowdCell breaks the barriers to extend 5G network coverage and its eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband) will deliver vastly increased bandwidth and reduced latency, enabling Ultra HD video streaming and immersive AR and VR, to deliver an out of this world viewing experience.

Why 5G CrowdCell

  • plan_Deployment
    Quick Deployment

    Small & light form factor. Plug and play for ease of use.

  • samrt_quick
    Rapid Data Transmission

    To provide real-time live streaming event content to spectators.

  • save_money
    Economic Feasibility

    Easily run on top of existing infrastructure, without any specialist requirements and additional costs.

  • maintenance
    Network Maintainability

    Software-defined network technology simplifies maintenance and upgrade.

  • expansion
    Configuration Flexibility

    Unprecedented flexibility and easily configured to support new use cases and to scale up capacity.

  • safe
    Highly Integration

    Integrates devices and applications spanning endpoint, edge and core as unified Architecture.

GIGABYTE / Lime Micro Enhance Your Virtual Experience with 5G Crowdcell
The alternative solution for you to enjoy live concert or sports event...digitally, immersively and rapidly, just like you were on the scene.

You May Be Curious

Who is LimeNET?
LimeNET, GIGABYTE's partner for 5G CrowdCell, is a software-defined networking provider & pioneer in 5G technology field. It is a platform developed by Lime Microsystems, who specializes in field programmable RF(FPRF) transceivers, SDR platforms and ecosystem technology for the next generation of wireless broadband systems.
Where can I buy 5G CrowdCell?
You can visit LimeNET website or click "contact us" to place order.
Can 5G CrowdCell be used like an IoT gateway?
Yes. 5G CrowdCell may be configured as an IoT gateway, for both business applications and use with smart home devices. For example, in applications such as building management, preventative maintenance, factory automation, precision farming, electronic metering and smart home.
How does it communicate with Edge Server or the Cloud?
The CrowdCell provides its own integrated edge compute capability and in addition to this, there are numerous backhaul options, including Ethernet, cellular and satellite communications.
Will there be a software upgrade through OTA (over-the-air)?
Yes, applications are packaged as secure containers using the Ubuntu snap technology. Distribution is via the LimeNET app store and CrowdCell can be configured for automatic updates.
What applications are available for CrowdCell?
Currently available applications include 5G base station and core, along with support for previous cellular generations, content distribution platforms, and a variety of private cloud and edge compute solutions, to name just a few.
Can custom applications be developed for CrowdCell?
Absolutely, together with our partners we provide a rich selection of APIs and offer out-of-the-box support for many industry standard open protocols. We also have and vibrant and constantly growing developer community.

Together We Are Smarter