ToF Elderly Care Monitoring

A 3D ToF Sensing Solution Powered by AI to Deliver Quick, Instant and Consistent Medical Care Management

Sharing the Care Burden with Healthcare Staff in Order to Improve Patient Quality of Life and Save Lives

3D sensing is a non-invasive, reliable solution for patient monitoring in hospitals, elderly care centers or at home, assisting healthcare staff to remotely monitor a patient's health condition and provide real-time alerts to provide treatment when necessary.

Why Housing Care Monitoring System

  • surveillance
    Seamless Service Redirection

    Advanced 3D ToF sensing solution replaces traditional surveillance methods

  • privacy
    Privacy Protection

    Only detects a patient's body movements or gestures without recording video to adhere to privacy regulations

  • alert_EmergencyCall
    Real-Time Alerts

    Sends instant alerts to healthcare workers to request necessary medical care.

  • save_time
    Workload Reduction

    Helps reduce nursing staff workload spent on physical checking / ward rounds

  • plan_Deployment
    Easy Deployment

    Compact size is designed for space-limited environments or as an invisible decoration on the ceiling

  • safe
    Accident Detection

    Helps detect if unaccompanied patient falls down unexpectedly

3D TOF Sensing Solution elevates services in medicare industry

  • Breast-Feeding Room

    Within an amusement park / department store / shopping mall, the 3D ToF Sensing Solution uses object recognition to detect a mother to assist with privacy preservation.

  • Hospital /Elderly/Home Healthcare

    Monitor a patient's health condition and alert healthcare staff when immediate medical treatment is needed in order to save lives.

  • Highway Rest Area

    To monitor the health of drivers to detect if they have any health issues after a long period of driving, and also help prevent criminal activity.

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You May Be Curious

How is the benefit for TOF sensing solution on patient monitoring?
TOF sensor is just viewing objection and not video image on patient, so it will not to involve privacy issue.
Which location can placed on TOF sensor for caring monitoring?
There are some places to use TOF sensor, not only in the hospital, such as housing care center, driver's resting room and breast feeding room in some public areas.
How does TOF sensor to improve caring or nursery work?
TOF Sensor can send instant alert to caring center then inform nurser or caring worker to help patient for medical helps or save life's if occurred accident or out of ward.
What is product pixel for patient monitoring application?
80 x 60 TOF pixels is proper solution to view for patient monitoring and also one bed is equipped with one set of TOF sensor with 90° detection.
Does TOF have USB version for patient monitoring function?
Basically, TOF sensor with ethernet version can be suitable for patient monitoring and provides proper detection image coverage.
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