120 million people around the world buy gaming laptops even though they're creating content. Are you one of them?
Fact: Working with HD, 3D and heavy multi-tasking workflows needs more than what a gaming laptop can deliver. GIGABYTE brings you the closest thing to a custom build laptop especially designed for creative professionals offering no compromise, all performance.
Designed with creative pros in mind
Core i7 / i9 super high performance, RTX rapid rendering, say goodbye to annoying LAG.
Studio Driver
Optimization of more than 40 commonly used image editing software, allowing smooth and stutter-free creation.
Super cooling system: no more overheating.
Accurate Color
Color accurate right out of the box. Screen colors do not deviate from those of the Pantone color atlas.
8.5 hours long battery life, all the power you need to create on the go.
Dongle free living: 9 external ports including a thunderbolt 3 and an SD slot for optimum workflow.
Lightweight, stylish and quality you can feel: Designed for serious on the go creating.
Unparalleled graphics display for creating, gaming or streaming your favorite shows.
All the power and speed to create your best work
AERO is equipped with the latest 10th-gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA RTX Super graphics. Offering super-high performance with large storage capacity, the AERO series is designed to handle heavy workflows and multitasking. Optimized for use on over 40 of the most common software, like Adobe CC, Maya and Unreal, each unit is calibrated to ensure peak performance. GIGABYTE is also world's only laptop manufacturer that implement Microsoft Azure AI. This deep learning technology automatically adjusts settings to deliver optimal performance.
No more long wait times during renders or frustrating stutter, create your way, all day with ease and speed.
Work and play hard while keeping your cool
Ever have your laptop overheat and freeze up in the middle of editing an important project? Say goodbye to overheating with the AERO series thanks to its unique cooling system: with two 71-blade fans and 5 cooling pipes. Equipped with GIGABYTE's unique WINDFORCE Infinity cooling technology, AERO maintains smooth operation even when multi-tasking heavy programs, prolonging laptop performance and life. When everything seems to be in a chaotic mess, AERO keeps its chill.
Elegant Design X Refined Craftsmanship
AERO series sports a refined and elegant aluminum chassis that was attentively crafted with aesthetics and ergonomics in mind. Made in Taiwan the standard is raised with precision in design and assembly offering a luxurious lightweight yet durable feel. AERO's unique anti-slip design allows it to be easily lifted with two fingers, enhancing overall safety.
Sleek looks with multiple I / O connections give on-the-go creators the confidence to work anywhere, anytime with no dongles needed.
Color Accurate Right Out of the Box
The AERO is the only X-Rite ™ Pantone® color calibration & certified computer. Its 4K UHD panel yields ultra-high resolution, and its pixels are 9 times that of HD, making no details lost when editing videos or images. Each pixel of the AMOLED display is able to light up independently and display true color with its ultra-high contrast. Its wide color gamut covers 25% more colors than your average panel. What you see is what you print, AERO has got your back.
All the power for creating, speed enough for gaming
Let's face it, everyone needs to take a break sometimes, and we know creators love to game, too. You know what they say about all work and no play, right? Choose 4K UHD HDR screen or Full HD 144Hz high refresh rate display to experience smooth gaming. Plus the super-dazzling RGB Fusion 2.0 keyboard, which supports 16.67 million colors of backlight and allowing users to customize their keyboards with their own flare and style. Stand out, stand up and take names with the push of a button.
Recommended System Specification
Application Graphic Design and Photography Edit Video Edit 3D Rendering and modeling
CPU Core i7 and above Core i7 / i9 Core i7 and above,
i9 would be a plus
GPU GTX 1660Ti and above RTX 2060 and above RTX 2070 and above
RAM 8GB/16GB 32GB 32GB
Storage 256GB and above 512GB and above 512GB and above
(Intel 10th Gen)
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(Intel 10th Gen)
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(Intel 10th Gen)
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(Intel 10th Gen)
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