EasyTune™ 5 presents the most convenient Windows based system performance enhancement and manageability utility. Featuring several powerful yet easy to use tools such as
1. Overclocking for enhancing system performance.
2. C.I.A. and M.I.B. for special enhancement for CPU and Memory.
3. Smart-Fan control for managing fan speed control of both CPU cooling fan and North-Bridge Chipset cooling fan.
4. PC health for monitoring system status.

  Click on the "Easy Mode" / "Advance Mode" to switch to different modes

  At easy mode, you are only allowed to change the System Bus Clock (FSB), by clicking the "Up" or "Down" arrows at the display panel. Once you had selected your wanted system bus clock, click on the "GO" button to accept the setting.

  At advanced mode, you are able to access the complete features of overclocking parameter settings.

  In this section, you are able to configure C.I.A. and M.I.B. features

  In C.I.A. section, you are able to select different modes of C.I.A. function. There are 5 different modes, Cruise, Sport, Racing, Turbo, Full Thrust. Each different mode has different percentage increase of system performance enhancement. Cruise mode has the lowest percentage increase, whereas Full Thrust mode has the highest percentage increase.
Note: You will have to enable the C.I.A. function in your BIOS setting before you can use this featue.

  In this section, there are several lists of memory modules that had been specially tuned for greater performance. Please select from the list which suits best for your memory modules.
  In this section, you are able to configure the fan speed of CPU cooling fan, according to different temperature at different RPM. It is highly recommended to set CPU cooling fan runs at full speed at 60oC. In addition, if your motherboard is equipped with a North-Bridge cooling fan, you are able to set the timer of turning On/Off. Click "Ok" to accept the settings after you had finish your changes.
  In this section, you are able to access 3 different modes,
1. Hardware Monitor for monitoring your system status,
2. Setting for configuring the down limit for sending warning alerts if there is any abnormal situation occurs to your system.
3. Alert audio setting for setting the audio file of warning alarm.

  In this section shows the readings of your motherboard.

  In this section, you are able to configure the down limits of different warning readings. If there is any readings below the parameters you had configured, it will send out warning audio to inform you.

  In this section, you are able to configure the alert audio files sounded from PC speakers or Motherboard buzzer.

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