A Story about Quality
[ A Story about Quality ]

The Pursuit for Premium Quality
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Motherboards With
Japanese Solid Capacitors
While its competitors were looking for new ways to reduce production costs, GIGABYTE was more concerned with better quality, more durable motherboards for its customers.

Back in 2006, the FIFA World Cup drew worldwide attention with heated debates everywhere about which country would be the next champion. At the GIGABYTE Technology headquarter in Taiwan, however, another debate was taking place between leading engineers: the next revolution in motherboard design – Ultra Durable.

One team of engineers was concerned about production costs while the other team was concerned about building a more durable and efficient motherboard. "Lowering production costs to increase profits should be our highest priority", commented one engineer. "The average user upgrades their PC every 3 years, so it's not necessary to use more costly Japanese solid capacitors when electrolyte capacitors were still the industry standard."

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"That doesn't solve the quality problem," a senior engineer disagreed. "Our motherboards must still be able to function even if other components such as the CPU, Memory, hard drive, etc… are out of date. The spirit of our design quality should focus on durability." That senior engineer is currently GIGABYTE's VP of R&D, Mr. Richard Chen. "We should be less concerned about the initial production costs of using quality components and focus more on producing better quality and more durable motherboards that have lower return rates over our 3 year warranty period," he continued.

During Computex 2006, GIGABYTE introduced the first Ultra Durable motherboards with the launch of the GA-965P-DQ6 featuring all Japanese solid capacitors. The response from the media and customers was overwhelmingly positive as they acknowledged that better quality products were the way forward. GIGABYTE, with its Ultra Durable motherboards set itself apart from the competition as the new leader in motherboard innovation, establishing the new industry standard for quality motherboards.

GIGABYTE went on to see huge benefits in terms of improved branding as a leader in quality products as well as customer benefits in the distribution channel that lead to increased profitability. Four years have passed and the next World Cup is around the corner. Solid capacitors are now the industry standard for premium quality motherboards.

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable motherboards continue to feature Japanese solid capacitors for the stability, reliability and longevity required by the high performance processors preferred by the most demanding professionals and PC enthusiasts.

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