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The GIGABYTE X58A-OC features a new VRM design called OC-VRM, which includes a combination of highly conductive POScaps, 50A rated MPFC (Max Power Ferrite Core) Chokes, and Driver-MOSFETs, which combined, are able to deliver higher current to the CPU, with better efficiency and lower temperature. OC-VRM also allows users to overclock the PWM frequency via an onboard switch, for real-time adjustment. When the CPU needs maximum power, users can raise the PWM frequency in order to deliver more current through this unique POScap and MPFC Choke design. In addition, GIGABYTE has specially chosen unobtrusive components and carefully designed their layout to make it easier and quicker than ever for extreme overclockers to insulate their boards.
  Quicker and Easier to Insulate
                                        X58A-OC                        Other Motherboards
Output up to 1200W
IN-PUT up to 1500W
2x 8Pin CPU Power Connectors
Powerful: Low temp
Single Choke Up to 50A
Fast: Durable
Entire Board with Poscaps
Intersil Overclocking PWM
Quick: Real-time
Overclock PWM frequency
to 600K/800K/1000K


OC-Touch enables overclockers to quickly and easily get the best performance from their system. With onboard OC-Touch buttons, users are able to manually raise and lower the CPU ratio, change BCLK settings, and even change BCLK stepping to either 1MHz or 0.3MHz. These changes can be made at any time whether in the BIOS, DOS, or Windows and in real-time without the need for rebooting, so that users can quickly fine-tune to find their CPU’s maximum frequency. The onboard 4G Ready button allows novice overclockers to automatically reach 4GHz, while advanced users can use it to get to 4GHz before continuing with OC-Touch to quickly find their CPU’s best margin. Onboard voltage measurement modules are also included to help users to conveniently monitor component voltages.
Start Engine  
CPU Ratio up
CPU Ratio Down
DeBug LED      
Onboard Voltage Measurement Module
Users can conveniently probe with a power meter to measure component voltages.
4G Ready button
The 4G Ready button automatically overclocks the CPU to 4GHz on the next system boot up.
OC Gear
1MHz or 0.3MHz
BCLK steppings.


OC-PEG provides two onboard SATA power connectors for more stable PCIe power when using 3-way and 4-way graphics configurations. Each connector can get power from a different phase of the power supply, helping to provide a better, more stable graphics overclock. The independent power inputs for the PCIe slots helps to improve even single graphics card overclocking. For 4-way CrossFireX™, users must install OC-PEG to avoid over current in the 24pin ATX connector. The entire board also features POScaps, helping to simplify the insulation process so overclockers can quickly reach subzero readiness.

2 Extra Power Inputs for PCIe Voltage;
can use 3 different power supplies in OC-PEG
X58A-OC supports 4-way CFX & 3-way SLI (must use OC-PEG for 4-way graphics support)
Easy to insulate the PCIe area
                                        X58A-OC                   Other Motherboards


OC-Cool features a new LED lit thermal design and 7x 4-pin Smart Fan connectors to allow overclockers to easily control system-wide temperature. The OC-Cool heatpipe maximizes system convection to expel hot air out through the IO panel and optimizes passive cooling. OC-Cool LED lighting on the North and South Bridges further adds to the X58A-OC’s coolness.

7x 4pin header Smart Fan controllers

SysFan or GPU
SysFan or GPU
SysFan or GPU
SysFan or GPU
Quickly dissipates heat
LED Thermal Design for North
and South Bridge Coolers
SysFan or GPU
SysFan or DDR


OC-DualBIOS™ features an onboard BIOS switcher and LED indicator, allowing users to select one BIOS for normal use, and another one for overclocking. It can also act as a backup BIOS in case of BIOS failure during overclocking. With two BIOSes, users are able to save up to 16 different overclocking profiles – a very useful feature when overclockers want to update to a new BIOS, but don’t want to lose their original settings.
Compare your 2 BIOS versions before you upgrade the BIOS.
OC Dual BIOS can select master or slave BIOS, making it easier for overclockers to switch BIOSes. 2 BIOSes can store up to 16 profiles.
An LED indicator shows which BIOS is active, allowing overclockers to keep track of which BIOS
they are currently using.

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