4X+ Intel® Smart
Response Technology 
4X+ Intel® Smart Response Technology
Delivering the very best the Intel 6 series chipsets have to offer, including a 4X performance boost with the Intel® Smart Response Technology as well as a host of unique GIGABYTE features like innovative GIGABYTE Touch BIOS™ technology, GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards put users in the driver seat, allowing them to take total control over how their system operates and performs to best match their individual computing needs.
Intel® Smart Response Technology: Faster than an HDD-only system
GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards are equipped with the much anticipated Intel® Smart Response Technology, allowing users to experience system performance similar to SSD only systems. Intel® Smart Response technology works by using intelligent block-based caching of frequently used applications to improve system performance and responsiveness. In fact, GIGABYTE Z68 motherboards with Intel® Smart Response Technology are able to outperform hybrid drive systems by more than 2X (PC Mark Vantage HDD test) and HDD-only systems by as much as 4X (PC Mark Vantage HDD test) and deliver a 60% performance improvement over HDD-only systems in PC Mark Vantage Suite.
  SSD-Like System Responsiveness
  Outperforms HDD-only systems by more than 4X
  SSD Caching + HDD
PC Mark Vantage (HDD Score)

  Intel® Smart Response Technology
  HDD-only system
* 4X+ Faster than HDD-only system in PC Mark Vantage(HDD Score)
* Intel® Smart Response, Lucid Virtu and GIGABYTE Touch BIOS are available for download from the official GIGABYTE website.
EZ Smart Response GIGABYTE EZ Smart Response
The GIGABYTE EZ Smart Response utility is a simple application that allows users to quickly and easily configure their system for Intel® Smart Response Technology. In the past, enabling Intel® Smart Response meant users needed to enter the BIOS in order to configure their system for RAID mode, which then required a complete reinstall of the operating system. Once that processes was complete, users then needed to install the Intel® Rapid Storage Utility as well as configure Intel's Smart Response Technology. GIGABYTE EZ Smart Response does all of this automatically, without users having to perform a complicated install process. This allows them to quickly and effortlessly enjoy a significant boost in system performance...more
  GIGABYTE EZ Smart Response Traditional
Intel Smart Response Setup
  Click GIGABYTE EZ Smart Response Utility
  Intel® Smart Response Operational
  GIGABYTE EZ Smart Response
Traditional Intel® Smart Response Setup
  * If the system is in IDE mode and requires an OS reinstall.
* Approximate setup times.
Boot into BIOS
Change IDE to RAID Mode
Can't Enter Windows
Reinstall Windows OS
Manually Install Intel Smart Response
Configure Intel Smart Response
Intel® Smart Response Operational
  Intel® Solid-State Drive 311 Series m-SATA
GIGABYTE has several Z68-based motherboard options which feature an mSATA slot onboard. mSATA uses the SLC and MLC memory modules that you'd find in an ordinary SSD so there's no difference in terms of read and write speeds; its the same memory chips in both. The difference is mSATA modules take up less space, use less power, require no additional cabling and are less expensive than a traditional SSD.

The Intel® Solid-State Drive 311 Series has been optimized for Intel® Smart Response Technology, providing increased system performance and power savings. 2.5" and mSATA form-factors are available allowing system configuration flexibility.
  Intel® mSATA 20GB SLC SSD Onboard model:
mSATA connector Onboard models:
GA-Z68XP-UD3 / GA-Z68XP-D3 /
GA-Z68AP-D3 / GA-Z68P-DS3
  * The Intel Smart Response Technology / EZ Smart Response Technology requires a computer system with an Intel Z68 chipset-based motherboard and an Intel Core i3/i5/i7 series Processor.  

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