Insist on an Ultra Durable Motherboard for your new PC


AMD Dual Graphics: Unrivalled Upgradability

GIGABYTE A-Series motherboard showcase AMD Dual Graphics technology, offering additional 3D graphics and gaming performance by adding a discrete AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 series graphics card to the system.

DIY PC builders can upgrade their AMD A-Series PC to enjoy higher frame rates on the latest gaming titles, utilizing the processing power of both discrete and onboard graphics processors.


AMD Dual Graphics: Upgrade Options

To enable AMD Dual Graphics, GIGABYTE A75/A55 motherboard users have choice of three compatible Radeon 6000 series graphics cards.

AMD Radeon HD 6670

AMD Radeon HD 6670

AMD Radeon HD 6570

AMD Radeon HD 6450

AMD Radeon HD 6450

AMD Radeon HD 6450
* Please visit GIGABYTE VGA microsite for more model information.

GIGABYTE A75/A55 Motherboards: Superb Overclocking

GIGABYTE A75/A55 motherboard are designed to squeeze every ounce of 3D graphics performance from AMD A-Series/E-Series APUs with industry-leading overclocking capability+.

Using GIGABYTE's Easy Tune™ 6 utility, users can overclock the AMD A-Series/E-Series APUs to gain further performance enhancements over stock settings, offering 3DMark Vantage (Performance setting) scores of over 6000 points*.


+ Overclocking may cause system instability.

* Overclocking configuration: GIGABYTE A75M-UD2H - AMD APU A8-8350 at 3.77GHz (Aircooling) - DDR3 - 2320MHz/ FSB-145MHz/GPU-870MHz

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