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Heart-stopping Graphics
GIGABYTE A75/A55 Ultra Durable™

GIGABYTE A-Series Motherboards
GIGABYTE A-Series motherboards bring together a range of exciting technologies and features for the first time on mainstream motherboard platforms, harnessing the ground breaking graphics and multimedia performance of AMD A-Series/E-Series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), the first onboard AMD processors to feature both GPU and CPU on one silicon die.

Designed to leverage the awesome potential of the latest AMD A-Series/E-Series APUs, GIGABYTE A- series motherboards deliver an enhanced visual experience that includes advanced DX11® gaming, incredibly smooth HD multimedia playback and support for high resolution displays of up to 2560 x 1600 pixels via Dual-link DVI. GIGABYTE A-series motherboards also offer a uniquely scalable upgrade path for DIY PC builders who can take advantage of AMD Dual Graphics technology.

AMD A-Series Platform Overview
The new AMD A-Series platform features the latest FM1 socket and pairs an AMD A75/A55 ‘Hudson’ chipset with the latest 32 nanometer AMD A-Series/E-Series APUs, the world’s first Accelerated Processing Units which combine a DX11-capable, high performance graphics processor with a quad-core and dual-core CPU in one silicon die.

GIGABYTE A-Series motherboards are packed with the latest features including fast USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0 connectivity options and a host of exclusive GIGABYTE utilities and features including, EasyTune™ 6, On/Off Charge™, Touch Bios™, Dual BIOS™ with 3TB+ HDD support and Auto Green Technologies.
                                                            DirectX®11 adds advanced tessellation support for greater 3D graphical detail and improved realism.
AMD A-Series Graphics: Discrete-class Onboard Graphics
GIGABYTE A-Series motherboards take advantage of the latest Radeon HD 65xx/64xx/63xx graphics technology, the most powerful onboard graphics on the market. Supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 11, OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL 1.1 standards, AMD A-Series/E-Series APUs deliver a 3D gaming experience similar to entry-level discrete graphics card solutions. With GIGABYTE’s Easy Tune™ 6 utility, users can also overclock the AMD A-Series/E-Series APUs, gaining further performance enhancements over stock settings, with 3DMark Vantage scores of over 6000pts* (performance setting).
* Overclocking configuration: GIGABYTE A75M-UD2H - AMD APU A8-8350 at 3.77GHz (Aircooling) - DDR3 - 2320MHz/ FSB-145MHz/GPU-870MHz
       3DMark Vantage Performance (Benchmark Score)
AMD A8-3850 APU (Overclocked
on GIGABYTE A75 Motherboard
AMD A8-3850 APU
   Discrete-Class Performance
AMD A6-3650 APU
   Discrete-Class Performance
$59 (USD) Graphics Card
$49 (USD) Graphics Card
  Graphics card scores and prices obtained from industry average. Individual prices and scores may vary. 
AMD Dual Graphics: Unrivalled Upgradability
The AMD A-Series platform showcases AMD Dual Graphics technology, allowing users to further boost 3D graphics and gaming performance by adding an additional discrete AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 series graphics card to the system. This unique Dual Graphics technology means users can enjoy higher frame rates on the latest gaming titles, simultaneously utilizing the processing power of both discrete and onboard graphics processors.


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