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Intel® Small Business Advantage Highlights

What is Intel® SBA?

Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA) provides an out-of-the-box hardware-based security and productivity suite designed for the small business user. Intel® SBA includes a customizable user interface and several bundled Intel® applications that PC System Integrators and Value Added Retailers can customize, adding considerable value to products aimed at the Small Business segment.
2nd/3rd Gen Intel® Core processor
Intel® B75 chipset
Intel® SBA Software
Intel® SBA

Intel® Small Business Advantage is based on the latest 3rd generation Intel® processor technology and requires an Intel® 2nd or 3rd generation Core™ processor plus a motherboard featuring the Intel® B75 Express Chipset.

  • Make my data secure
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Make backup easy & reliable

New Features
Intel® Small Business Advantage is a combination of six specific applications:

Data Backup and Restore
Data Backup and Restore uses the hardware-based functionality of Intel SBA to wake up the computer if it is turned off.

Configurations options allow you to automatically wake up the PC and launch the Microsoft Backup and Restore application. Backup and Restore sessions can be scheduled to run outside of the regular business hours to minimize inconvenience and impact on employee productivity. This feature will ensure that company data is backed up and secured regularly.

Energy Saver
Energy Saver application allows the user quickly and easily set a power schedule for the computer, allowing the computer to enter sleep mode at the end of business hours, thus saving energy costs.

In addition, the computer can be powered up just before the beginning of business hours, thus improving productivity. After configuration, the computer will continue to power up and power down at the scheduled times with no user intervention necessary.

PC Health Center
PC Health Center application lets Small Business owners quickly and easily schedule all maintenance tasks, including Windows updates, Disk defragmentation, Deletion of temporary Internet files and other Temporary application files that can take up hard drive space.

These tasks can be scheduled to happen at any convenient time, even after the computer is turned off. The PC Health Center application will wake up the compute and run the scheduled tasks, simplifying PC maintenance.
Software Monitor
The Software Monitor application detects and monitors security-related applications that are installed on the computer; these include Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton 360, Kingsoft Antivirus Software, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security, McAfee Total Protection, Kaspersky Internet Security. If a monitored security application is disabled or attacked for any reason, Software Monitor sends an alert to tell the user that something has occurred. The user can also define which applications to monitor and how they want to be notified.
USB Blocker
Computers in a small business need protection from possible security threats caused by the increased use of USB ports and USB devices. The USB Blocker application allows you to quickly and easily define which USB devices can connect to the computer. Different categories of USB device can be identified (e.g. portable storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart phones etc), with specific rule configuration options available.
This application lets users stream content (presentations, videos, websites, etc.) from their computer over a wireless connection to a large screen display. This application is only shown if the Intel® WiDi Widget for Windows 7 is installed on the computer.

* GA-P75-D3 not supported
* GIGABYTE B75 motherboards can support Intel® Wireless display only when combined with an appropriate Intel Wi-Fi module.

These technologies offer simple management of multiple machines with easy system maintenance for businesses that don’t employ a full time IT person. It’s easy to see how small business owners will be impressed with these new B75-based platforms and the advanced flexibility and security they promise.

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