GIGABYTE 7 series Mini-ITX motherboards are possibly the most connected Mini-ITX boards ever, with a range of connectivity options that include Dual HDMI ports and Dual Gigabit LAN, plus an onboard WiFi/Bluetooth module that includes Intel® Wireless Display 2.0 technology.

Both the GIGABYTE Z77N-WIFI and GIGABYTE H77N-WIFI boards provide endless possibilities in terms of building a compact PC rig that fits right in with your increasingly digital home environment, while also supporting the power and efficiency of Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ processors.

As the basis of a home theater or living room entertainment system, as a compact yet potent gaming machine, or even as a space-saving office PC that offers wireless digital signage options, GIGABYTE 7 series Mini-ITX boards have the flexibility to meet the needs of our increasingly digital lifestyle.

GIGABYTE Z77N-WIFI Motherboard: Compact Gaming PC
GIGABYTE H77N-WIFI Motherboard: Build a Compact HTPC with Intel® Wireless Display
Feature Overview
  • Intel® Z77 and H77 Chipsets supporting Intel 3rd generation Core™ processors
  • Onboard Dual Band WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0 supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLI) devices
  • Intel® Wireless Display 2.0
  • Dual Gigabit LAN
  • Dual HDMI ports

Intel® Wireless Display

Intel® Wireless Display or WiDi is a new technology that allows users to wirelessly share content being displayed on your PC monitor with a compatible display or HDTV. This not only removes the necessity of using untidy cables, but also allows you to easily display your videos and movies on a screen in another room.

Intel® Wireless Display 2.0 technology supports display resolutions of up 1080p which means you don't have to compromise on image quality, while HDCP 2.0 and 5.1 surround sound ensure excellent audio quality.

Intel® Wireless Display or WiDi Technology means that a Home Theater PC can connect to a wall mounted HDTV without using untidy cables.
The Home Theater PC can use Intel® WiDi to broadcast HD content to an HDTV in another room.

A WiDi connected PC in a retail store can easily broadcast marketing content to a HD display anywhere within WiFi signal reach in the store.


Dual HDMI ports connect one regular PC display used for cueing and downloading video content with one HDTV connected for viewing only.
The GIGABYTE Mini-ITX motherboard's first HDMI port can connect to a projector or HDTV, while HD audio is provided by the second HDMI port connected to an AV amplifier and speakers.

Dual Gigabit LAN

The GIGABYTE Mini-ITX PC can be connected directly to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device while also connecting to an DSL or Cable modem.


The GIGABYTE Mini-ITX PC can be connected to a high-speed modem or router using dual Gigabit Ethernet cables simultaneously offering a high-bandwidth 2Gbps connection.


The GIGABYTE Mini-ITX PC can be connected to both a gaming server and an additional private network during LAN parties.
* Requires an Intel® WiDi enabled TV or Intel® WiDi enabled receiver device. For more information, see

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