Digital Home Scenarios

Broadcast to HD content from an office PC to the living room
GIGABYTE 7 series Mini-ITX motherboards are ideal for building a Home Office, Studio or Den PC connecting dual HD monitors over HDMI. The Dual LAN configuration can be used to connect both broadband Internet and NAS, while the onboard Intel® WiDi can be used to broadcast HD content to the living room TV.
Note: the audio feed comes from the TV via the AV center or TV speakers.

Home Theater PC
A PC based on a GIGABYTE 7 series Mini-ITX motherboard is the ideal supplement to any Home Theater setup, displaying media content to a HD TV with an additional control display that allows users to monitor, manage and cue up streaming and stored media content.  The PC can also be connected to broadband Internet, acting as a WiFi access point. Additional HDTVs can receive content via WiDi in another room e.g. the bedroom or kitchen.
A Compact Gaming PC
GIGABYTE 7 series Mini-ITX motherboards are also the perfect platform for building your own portable gaming PC. With an Intel® i7 Core™ processor and a high-end discrete graphics card, DIY builders will be impressed with how much raw gaming performance you squeeze into a Mini-ITX chassis. Consider the Z77N-WiFi the ideal start for your next LAN Party rig.
* Requires an Intel® WiDi enabled TV or Intel® WiDi enabled receiver device. For more information, see

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