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Hybrid Silent-Pipe 2
is a fusion thermal solution that combines liquid cooling, screen
cooling and external heat sink to deliver unequalled heat conductivity. Hybrid SILENT-PIPE 2 is able to provide cooler
thermal performance (Under Liquid cooling environment).  
  Unique Screen Cooling thermal design effectively reduces the temperature around the CPU zone and removes the heat between NB and SB area.
  Liquid Cooling system featuring special waterblock design with an enlarged dissipating surface area for enhanced heat dissipation and optimum flow-rate.
  High-Precision die forming technology utilized to increase the thermal conductivity of the material that makes up the heat sink.
  High performance Copper Heat Pipe with sintered
process designed for ultra efficient thermal conductivity.
  External Heat Sink design utilizing a convection slot at
the back of the chassis to increase thermal dissipation.
*Liquid cooling system not included
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