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GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 3 Motherboard
GIGABYTE's innovation again leads the motherboard industry with the introduction of the revolutionary Ultra Durable 3 technology. With 2 ounces of copper for each of the Power and Ground layers, Ultra Durable 3 is able to deliver dramatically lower system temperature, improved energy efficiency and enhanced stability for overclocking.
Intel Platform
AMD Platform

Intel X58 Chipset
Best Buy
PC Answer / U.K. / 2009.Nov.
"With triple -channel DDR3 and Intel Core i7 support , this is the cutting -edge of PC tech . There's built-in 7.1 audio and the two PCI graphics slots enable you to run a pair of SLI or CrossfireX graphics cards. It features a dual BIOS for safer updating and special energy-saving features."
silver award / U.S.A. / 2009.Nov.
"The EX58-UD3R overclocked well and was superb in regard to stability. It passed a 24 hour stress test with flying colors in less than ideal ambient temperatures."
Editor's Choice
hitechlegion / U.S.A. / 2009.Nov.
"Gigabyte has done a great job with the Ultra Durable 3, the motherboard is power efficient, runs cool and their Dual BIOS is a godsend when you have an unstable overclock. It was quite nice not having to reset my CMOS every time I creased the system due to unstable settings."
Editor's Rationg 8.0
Computer Shopper / U.S.A. / 2009.Oct.
"Inexpensive; stable; good overclocking options; supports two graphics cards in CrossFireX mode"
Gold Award
d3reaction / U.S.A. / 2009.Oct.
"Every small detail like the easy-to-use BIOs, easy overclocking, great cooling, and room for a 2 dual slot GPU in a CrossFire configuration prove that building a gaming rig or performance workstation was the inspiration behind the this board."
Value Award
Driverheaven / U.K. / 2009.Sep.
"Despite the lower price point of the GA-EX58-UD3R it is good to see that Gigabyte have retained the 2OZ copper PCB."
Pay Attention Award
Hardware / Russia / 2009.Sep.
"MB has smart design. Unique features: 4 DIMM slots for DDR3 memory 2000 MHz (support 2ch and 3ch configurations of DRAM), 2 PCI-E x16, 1 PCI-E x4, 2 PCI-E x1, support ATI Crossfire X and NVIDIA SLI, patented GIGABYTE technology Ultra Durable 3. Cooling system consist of 2 radiators and tube, size is compact as opposed to a lot of models from ASUS and MSI, but work is effective. End user can assemble performance PC on this MB, and price is reasonable."
中國電腦教育報 / China / 2009.Sep.
Approved Award 2009
Custom PC / U.K. / 2009.Aug.
"If you want the perfromance of a Corei7 CPU but are not prepared to pay close to EUR200 for a mb, then the EX58-UD3R is a great choice."
Best Buy
PC User / Australia / 2009. Jul.
"Best Buy"
e-zone choice
E-zone / Hong Kong / 2009.Jul.
 超頻水平達高232MHz,成功衝破「232MHz Wall」。"
Editor's Choice Silver Award
CPU / Hong Kong / 2009.Jul.
個人電腦 / China / 2009.Jul.
optimal price
easycom / Ukraine / 2009.Jul.
"High performance; Support PCI Express 2.0, and SLI and CrossFireX technologies; availability of COM ports and IEEE1394a 4-and 6-pin connectors; coaxial and optical S / PDIF; excellent balance of price and features."
Best Buy
PC User / Australia / 2009.Jun.
"Support both Corssfire and SLI, is highly overclockable and loaded with features.
Cheapest X58 board we’ve seen so far, and offers one very big bonus for gaming freaks."


4 point 5 stars award
InfomaticaEasy / Italy / 2009.Jun.
"The motherboard Gigabyte EX58-UD3R rev. 1.0 is proven stable and reliable. No problems in the CPU overclocking, low price."
Value for money award 2009
Overclock3D / U.K. / 2009.May
"Value for money award 2009"
ZWAME / Portugal / 2009.Apr.
Approved Award
Custom PC / U.K. / 2009.Apr.
"Approved Award"
Recommended Award
Tech Report / U.S.A. / 2009.Mar.
"The UD3R also hit the highest base clock speed of the bunch, and its BIOS has the most generous assortment of overclocking and voltage tweaking options.
As the least expensive board of the bunch, the Gigabyte should be the most appealing to budget-minded enthusiasts."
Score 88%
FiringSquad / U.S.A. / 2009.Mar.
"With an extremely robust BIOS that’s loaded with adjustable settings, a solid feature set, and low price tag, the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R is an excellent solution for enthusiasts on a budget looking to build an inexpensive Core i7 system."
Recommended / Canada / 2009.Mar.
Value Added Award / Canada / 2009.Mar.

"Value Added Award"

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