Unprecedented HD Audio Experience
Delivers vivid surround sound for music, movies, and games, using two to eight speakers or any set of headphones designed to automatically deliver the best possible listening experience. Users only need to select their outputs in order to enjoy the highest quality, High Definition audio.
DTS Connect
Delivering the finest cinematic surround sound effects for the ultimate PC entertainment experience.
Blu-ray Full Rate Audio support
Enables high quality, Full Rate, Lossless Audio for Blu-ray and content protected media for an exhilarating home theater entertainment experience.
7.1 + 2 Channel High Definition output
Provides support for 7.1 sound playback, plus 2 channels of Independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo outputs.
Excellent Audio Performance
High-performance DAC (Digital-Analog Converter) with 106 dB Signal-to-Noise ratio playback quality, designed especially for Windows Vista Premium PCs.

Bit stream Audio
The Intel H55/ H57 is the first desktop chipset to support Bit-stream audio output for HD audio.
The GIGABYTE H55/H57 series motherboards with HDMI ver 1.3 features Bitstream Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master Audio, delivering a bit for bit identical copy of the audio for a truly lossless audio experience - just like the studio original master
7.1 Channel Full HD
Audio experience

HDMI / DVI / Display Port interface
Next Generation Multimedia Interface
HDMI is the latest High-Definition Multimedia Interface able to provide up to 5Gb/s video transmitting bandwidth and 8-channel high quality audio all through a single cable. Able to transmit superior, uncompressed digital video and audio, HDMI ensures the crispest rendering of digital content up to 1080p without the quality losses associated with analog interfaces and their digital-to-analog conversion. In addition, HDMI is compatible with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), allowing the playback of Blu-ray and other protected media content.
Integrated DVI Interface
DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a video interface standard designed for carrying uncompressed digital video data and to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices, such as flat LCD monitors, digital projectors, and so on. In addition, DVI interface is compatible with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).
Display Port Support
The GIGABYTE motherboards featuring the next generation graphics display interface DisplayPort that delivers up to 10.8 Gbps of bandwidth over standard cables, providing billions of colors, enabling the fastest refresh rates and the greatest color depths.
GIGABYTE MB rear panel support HDMI / DVI / Display Port interface
RGB port
DVI port
Dispaly port
HDMI port

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