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  • Ability to receive full-blown desktop graphics cards. Play your favorite games with uncompromised graphics performance, and enter the true era of AIO PC.
  • Use the 24” screen as a monitor for your laptop, tablet or any other device through the HDMI and Dsub inputs, and its OS switch function that allows to do so without actually turning the computer on.
  • With an simple and quick access to all the internal components, the user can easily install the configuration he needs and upgrade it over time.
  • The life cycle of the chassis and the components are therefore fully separated.
  • The Ultimate Gaming All-in-One
    Being the biggest screen size in GIGABYTE's All-in-One PC offering, the GB-AEGT aims at establishing its supremacy as the ultimate entertainment All-in-One PC. To do so, it offers the worldwide exclusive ability to receive full height desktop graphic cards!
    Gaming on an All-in-One PC won’t be a dream anymore, and to complete this dream the GB-AEGT has a full load of multimedia features such as a state-of-the-art full HD optical 2-points touchscreen, optional support of next generation Intel 22nm CPU and 7 Series chipset, a hot-plug docking slot for external 2.5’’ HDD, an OS switch function allowing to use the GB-AEGT as a monitor for other devices, and of course a TV tuner card option.
    In addition to these features, the GB-AEGT naturally keeps our homemade modular design and is fully upgradable with easy access to all the internal components.
  • Thin Mini-ITX Standard
    The GB-AEGT complies with the Thin Mini-ITX standard, and in accordance with its concept GIGABYTE introduces for the very first time in the all-in-one PC market a total upgradability, with super easy access to all the components for upgrades or repairs, through a fully modulated internal hardware placement.
    Whether you want a turnkey, a highly customized or only a barebone product, the GB-AEGT solution can answer your needs as the entire system is broken down into integrated and standardized modules that can be easily and quickly upgraded or replaced.
    With a fast and easy access to components, our solution is also ready for future upgrades and covers you from obsolescence risk. The product being modulated, you can optimize you inventory management by ordering different modules and different quantities at different times. Our solution is designed to be versatile and thus economic in handling.
  • Supports Intel Core i Series
    The GB-AEGT supports Intel®’s 32nm microarchitecture and the LGA 1155 socket, allowing our product to operate with the Intel® Core™ CPU series and compete this way with traditional tower PC performance.
  • 9‎5W CPU Support
    GIGABYTE pushed the limits of the Thin Mini-ITX standard and brings you in exclusivity on the market the support of 95W CPU.
    Why does it matter? Well, go to your usual CPU retailer and check the prices of 65W and 95W CPUs. You will see that with the 95W CPUs you will be able to afford more power for the same price, or the same power for less money.
  • Supports Desktop Graphic Cards
    GIGABYTE closes the last gap that separates All-in-One PCs from desktop performance and brings the very first All-in-One that can receive double slot desktop graphic cards up to 400W thanks to an internal PCIe x16 connector.
    Video games and other graphic applications won't suffer from the performance limitations All-in-One PCs used to impose until today, and choosing an All-in-One won't mean making compromises anymore.
  • Monitor Function
    The GB-AEGT can be used as a monitor for other devices, such as laptop and tablets, through an HDMI-In port as well as an operating system switch function that allows to turn on the screen without having to turn on the computer itself.
  • External 2.5'' HDD Docking Slot
    Transfer and share files easily thanks to this hot-plug slot for external 2.5'' hard drives located on the top of the GB-AEGT.
  • TV Tuner Card
    The GB-AEGT can be equipped with a TV tuner card, allowing the computer to be used as a HD TV as well. The screen size makes it perfect to be used as a secondary TV, in a bedroom or a kitchen for instance. Worldwide options are available (Europe, USA, South America, Middle East, Japan, China, Taiwan).
  • 1‎080p Full HD Display
    With a top quality 24'' LED screen and Full HD resolution, the GB-AEGT displays exquisite and rich-colored images in such details that will turn your All-in-One PC into a home theater.
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0
    The GB-AEGT boasts the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology made possible through an additional onboard host controller. With superfast transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps, users are able to experience a theoretical 10x improvement over USB 2.0. Additionally, backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 assures users of long term use of their legacy USB 2.0 devices.

  • Easy and Quick Access to Components
    Introducing for the very first time in the all-in-one PC market a total upgradability, enjoy a super easy access to all the components for upgrades or repairs.

    Get an idea with this disassembly guide:

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