GIGABYTE D1080 Multimedia Docking Station

Transforms Powerful S1080/S1081 Slate PC into Entertainment Center


Taipei, Taiwan – February 20, 2012. GIGABYTE today announced the international release of the D1080 multimedia docking station for both the S1080 and S1081 Slate PCs. With an incredible audio system, a built-in ODD and full connectivity ports, the D1080 combined with the S1080/S1081 provide a thrilling multimedia experience that can be enjoyed with the latest music, movies and online streaming content.

The D1080 multimedia docking station is designed for the S1080 and S1081, which are high-performing Windows® 7 based slates. Continuing the spirit of the GIGABYTE Booktop™ series, the docking station merges the convenience of a portable slate with the benefit of a desktop PC. The combination provides exceptional versatility and turns the business oriented S1080/S1081 into a fantastic entertainment center.

The D1080 provides an incredible entertainment performance that has to be experienced to be believed. With its powerful sound system, including two stereo and two 40mm woofer speakers, the docking station is great to use for listening to music, YouTube videos, and more. The impressive audio performance also makes the D1080 great to use as a stereo system during parties and gatherings with friends.

With a built-in ODD on the D1080, consumers can enjoy hands-free movies, TV shows and other multimedia. The docking station also comes with HDMI (compatible with S1081) so that HD multimedia can be watched on large TVs, monitors and projectors, making it perfect to use in a home entertainment theater.

The D1080 is packed with many other useful features. With full connectivity ports, the docking station can be connected with peripheral devices like a keyboard, mouse, and an external monitor to provide a desktop experience. Additionally, with all the port connectivity, there is never any need to deal with the hassle of unplugging accessories or power cords and it’s always ready to go. The docking station charges the S1080/S1081 while docked and also has a specially designed battery bay, which can be used to charge the extended battery whenever it is connected.