GIGABYTE thermal attracts prestigious international iF awards


The international IF Awards, which are awarded to products on their design based on many criteria, highlights and recognizes two outstanding solutions from GIGABYTE thermal, for 2008.

The ultra-slim and portable passive notebook cooler, with design inspiration worthy of herald but barely noticeable to the naked eye, brings home the first IF Award for 2008.

Roll pad
The second IF Award winner, already nicknamed the “sushi roller”, is another notebook cooler which focuses on portability and profile, but with a “twist”, this cooler goes all-terrain in terms of adapting to your environment by being able to flexibly roll over and stack itself into multiple positions.

These IF Awards for design have been a dream achievement for Asian designers, as designing to impress and suit the tastes of their European counterparts, has been difficult in the past, to say the least. These two IF awards have scratched up one of the first most important milestones for the GIGABYTE Thermal ID and design teams.