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Stimulate the Creative Spark of Technology and Art – GIGABYTE HPC Servers

Movies with mind-blowing special effects from Hollywood, binge-worthy 3D-animated series on Netflix, and live performances at national theaters, entertainment arts are accelerated by the power of High Performance Computing to provide technology visual spectacles that fascinate our imagination. The Render Farm at the National Center for High Performance Computing (NCHC) is the backbone of the continual growth of the industry, providing creators with the necessary computation resource; while GIGABYTE’s HPC servers are the building blocks of the IT infrastructure, further accelerating the rendering process of special effects and 3D animation, so that the art and technology can help each other to greater successes.

Dip into the Future of Data Center Operations

More eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and highly cost-efficient, immersion cooling will become the new standard for future data centers.

Become a Cloud Native with ARM and Ampere CPU

More cores and seamless computing performance snuck into a shortened chassis for more possibilities at the edge of a massive 5G infrastructure, creating new visions of an AI-enabled smart city.




  • Dip into the Future of Data Center Operations

  • Become a Cloud Native with ARM and Ampere CPU

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