Join us with industry experts and researchers to discuss the latest trends in OCP recognized data center equipment in EMEA

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  • Private product demo of next-gen OCP servers
  • Immersion cooling total solutions for OCP
  • Strategic partnership for total solutions, ODM or Channel business
  • Meeting with a dedicated regional sales manager
Intel, AMD & Ampere Nodes
18OU OCP Immersion Tank

During your visit, you will have access to the following highlights by the OCP organization team:

  • Keynote presentations made by industry titans
  • Product announcements and innovation displays in the Executive Talks from Summit sponsors
  • Engineering Workshops that feature in-depth discoveries from the OCP Project groups and other industry topics
  • An Expo Hall packed with the latest OCP hardware and software offerings
  • OCP Future Technologies Symposium - which brings together research organizations, academia, as well as startup and investor communities, to solve longer-term challenges facing the technology infrastructure.

We would like to invite you to attend our keynote session "Spun-off for New Generation". You will get to know more about the new company "Giga Computing" by GIGABYTE, its latest OCP development projects, and the unique benefits of GIGABYTE’s OCP offering.

Prague Congress Centre - Floor 2 - Forum Hall

Wed, April 19, 1:40pm - 1:55pm