Smart Manager
Your system can now be set up in seconds. Easy access with Smart Manager comes with friendly interface and intuitive icons to help you customize your GIGABYTE laptop. Power up your dual fans or overclock the GPU, the possibilities are just countless.
*In Windows Mode Press "Smart Key" button to initiate "Smart Manager".
*If the model doesn't have "Smart key", please click the Smart Manager icon on the desktop to access the software.
Fan Tweak
With a laptop this thin, cooling is paramount. Fan Tweak offers 4 modes for comprehensive protection against overheating— anytime, anywhere. Max Fan brings ultimate stability with full throttle fan speed for demanding operations. Stealth Mode offers noise-free comfort for light operations. Auto High/ Low Speed free users from troublesome settings with 85% of Max Fan speed/ standard fan speed, combining convenience and flexibility.
USB Charge
Charging your mobile devices through USB ports is convenient. But it may not be a good idea when your laptop’s battery is running low. To conserve remaining battery life, USB Charge automatically disables USB ports from providing power. You can decide when the USB port charging function is disabled, at 50%, 40% or at 30% of the remaining battery life. USB Charge – Simply keep your laptop battery life longer.
USB Charge is available under the 3 modes:
*Only USB fast charge port supports USB Charge even in power off mode.
LockWin Key
Any mistake, especially at critical moments, could cost you your victory. Accidentally hitting the Windows key while gaming has led to many a gamer crying, screaming and much worse. Click the LockWin Key to game on with peace of mind. Never switch to desktop while gaming again – ever. Simply click LockWin Key to disable the Windows Key before gaming. You can always enable it by clicking LockWin Key again after completing your gaming session.
Smart LAN Optimizer
By prioritizing the intended type of Internet packets to improve traffic efficiency, LAN Optimizer is proven to double the downloading speed when the network is busy. Now manage your priorities with our intuitive UI and enjoy the immersive gaming, media streaming and also communications – latency free.
Smart Switch
Smart Switch gives users a choice between booting to Windows 8.1 Metro UI or desktop as default startup screen. Access all power settings within two clicks. Click the Smart Switch Icon. Click the Power setting of your choice. It’s that easy. Shutdown (Fast Boot Mode) reboots 4 secs* faster than regular shutdown, delivering faster performance and enhancing battery life in the long run.
(*Supported on mSATA SSD / SSD models only)