Smart Recovery
Smart Recovery restores your laptop back to factory default settings - quick and easy. Click F9 during boot-up to enter the Windows 8.1 Recovery Utilities. Follow the directions in the dialogue box to guide you through the recovery process.
Click on "F9" when the
computer is booting up.
Get to Windows 8.1
Recovery options.
Restore the notebook
back to factory
default settings.
Smart Update
Smart Update makes it easy to automatically download and install the latest drivers from GIGABYTE for your laptop. All you have to do is check the items you would like to update and follow the system instructions to install the drivers.
Smart USB Backup
Aside from Smart Recovery, Smart USB Backup offers an easy alternative way for system recovery. Windows 8 Recovery Utilities is immediately available after boot-up. Simply plug in an empty flash drive and follow the instructions, rapid transmission through USB 3.0 make it quick for default system restoration*.
*Smart USB Backup supports system restoration to factory default only. Please backup your data before executing Smart USB Backup.
*WARNING: Please terminate any running process and save your files before implementing Smart USB Backup. The system will shutdown without any prior notice when firmware update is completed.