Warranty Information

Notebook / Laptop / Netbook / Slate / Tablet


  1. Consumers of Gigabyte/AORUS notebook products are protected for the notebook and its AC adapter from the date of purchase. Please confirm the detail and scope of the warranty service with the dealer you purchased the laptop from.
  2. GIGABYTE/AORUS offers a one-year limited warranty on the battery shipped with the Laptop from the date of purchase.
  3. The warranty service provided by GIGABYTE/AORUS notebook is valid from the date of purchase. Consumers are required to provide a valid receipt or invoice with the date of purchase and dealer being recognizable. If the Consumer cannot provide a valid proof of purchase, GIGABYTE/AORUS reserves the right to review and authorize the period of warranty service.
  4. To have the complete warranty service, Consumers must complete the product registration of global warranty service. Some of the services may not be available if the consumers have not completed the product registration process.
  5. The personal data collected during the product registration will be used by GIGABYTE and the authorized service centers for product service. Consumers can refer to the service contract of the product registration process for the authorized policies and the purpose of usage.


  1. When consumers have concerns of product quality during the period of product warranty, GIGABYTE/AORUS will provide services by the warranty content. The warranty content includes applying the replacement parts of the same specifications or provision of additional services by GIGABYTE/AORUS. The components provided by the repair service are still consistent with the same warranty criteria as the original products. Parts that have been replaced during service are property of Gigabyte/AORUS.
  2. To ensure the efficiency of warranty service. Gigabyte will provide repair services to Consumers based on the components supplied by the local authorized service center when Consumers request the service of global warranty in a different region.

    Example: An English keyboard will be applied on your laptop when you request a repair service in United State as default even if the product you purchased was shipped with a Chinese keyboard. You will need to wait for the shipment of the request parts if you ask for the specified components.

  3. GIGABYTE has provided an online query system of service status. Please prepare the RMA number with the information requested in the process to check the status of repair service. You can visit the query system easily by scanning the QR code as follows:


Exclusion of Warranty

  1. The product warranty does not cover the bundle accessories like software installation disc/user manual/related packaging consumables, and also the promotional gift items like peripheral devices/carrying bags/backpacks provided by GIGABYTE/AORUS.
  2. If there is any abnormality that cannot be attributed to Gigabyte/AORUS during the warranty period, it is not covered by the warranty. The Customer is responsible for the cost of service. Such as described below.
    • Natural disasters, accidents or the customer induced damage.
    • Unauthorized repairs and modifications.
    • Unauthorized dismantling or vandalism.
    • Use components not listed in the approved parts list (QVL) of GIGABYTE laptop products.
    • Operations for testing or evaluation.
  3. Gigabyte/AORUS reserves the right to determine the responsibility for failure according to the phenomena of issues where the Consumer does not use the product according to the product-related usage.
  4. The warranty for extended service or upgrade provided by the Resellers themselves shall be responsible by the Reseller as they promised. The Consumer shall not require service responsibility toward Gigabyte/AORUS.
  5. The global warranty will be voided if the warranty/serial-number sticker attached to the product is lost or unable to be recognized.
  6. GIGABYTE/AORUS Global Warranty provides the corresponding warranty service according to the local authorized items of each country. When the Consumer proposes the request of cross-regional warranty service outside region of purchase, the service will be provided according to the service availability of the warranty service location.
  7. The personal data in the notebook may be lost due to repairing purpose or the system restoring process. Consumers need to complete the backup of personal data before the product is sent for repair. During the repair process, Gigabyte/AORUS will not be responsible for personal data safety and rescue.
  8. Shipping and taxes: Shipping and taxes for global warranty will be responsibility of the User.
  9. It is recommended that Users choose the packaging material with complete protection or use the original packaging to send the product to ensure the safety of the product during the delivery. Gigabyte/AORUS will not be responsible for the loss/damage during transportation.
  10. The global repair center provides repairing services according to the authorized items. For the technical support requirement of product usage, please contact the local customer service center or eSupport according to the instructions.
  11. Gigabyte/AORUS Global repair Center will complete the repair service for you as soon as possible after receiving your product, but the repair time will be affected if the repair components are not available locally.
  12. The global repair service is only available for the complete system but not the individual modules only such as hard drives, SSDs, or memory.
  13. After the product has been used over the warranty period provided by GIGABYTE/AORUS, the corresponding service fee will be charged according to the repair/replace components and service items.

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