GIGABYTE do not provide ZERO BRIGHT DOT FREE guaranty service for all Notebook and Netbook

Definition of bright dot/ black dot:
Bright dot defects appear as pixels that are always lit or “ON”. Black dot defects appear as pixels that are always dark or “OFF”, or in abnormal color.

Defects below found in first 30 days of the end user purchasing, panel can be replaced once in the service center nearby. Nevertheless, claimer needs to provide the invoice to prove it within first 30 days.

Bright dot: more than 3 dots
Black dot: more than 4 dots
Total bright and black dots : more than 5 dots (In any place)

Notice: Any claim case, if over our guaranty period, will only treat as regular RMA process. The service only focus on functional repair. The guarantee will not be offer for LCD replacement neither.