To make it easier update the BIOS than before.
To help users update the latest BIOS from Internet automatically.

  It is designed for Windows Mode.
To update VGA BIOS from internet.

Old method
DOS Mode
Windows Mode
Type instructions for updating BIOS
Update BIOS quickly from internet
Auto update
Too complicated
Difficult to use
More Friendly
Easier to use

After installing the display drivers, you will find a GBT icon in the lower-right corner of the Taskbar. Right-click to select the @VGA utility. Suggest you should start at backup your BIOS.
Step 1:Backup VGA BIOS

Step 2:Choose update method

Option 1:Update BIOS through the Internet ( Live Update )

Select the Live Update check box and click Flash. Then @VGA will automatically download the BIOS for your card from GBT @VGA server and do the update for you.(@VGA will not download/update the BIOS if it detects the current BIOS on your card is the latest one.)

a).Find a new VGA BIOS Available then Flash to new VGA BIOS

b).No Found any new VGA BIOS Available

Option 2:Update BIOS through your hard disk or floppy disk(Default Setting- From Local File )

A. Download the BIOS ZIP file for your card from GBT website and extract it to your hard disk (or floppy disk).
B. Select the From Local File check box and then click Flash.
C. Select the BIOS file from your hard disk (or floppy disk).
D. Complete the update procedure following the on-screen instructions.