Natural convection design
Silent-Pipe II Technology artfully uses the temperature difference between the inside and outside of chassis, creating a natural system convection.
The evolution of Silent-Pipe heatpipe technology, providing 0dB solution by the proprietary front-flow thermal module and the unique natural convection design.

GIGABYTE Silent-Pipe II Technology achieves outstanding thermal performance and delivers extreme silent experience.


Silent-Pipe II series:

‧Proprietary front-flow thermal module
A first Dual-slot heatpipe solution, including the convection slot at the backside of chassis to increase thermal efficiency.
‧High-precision die-casting forming design
Uses the latest high-precision forming technology, increasing the largest cooling superficial measure of heatsink.
‧Built for dual-card configuration
Ensure top-notch compatibility and performance for all dual card configurations.
‧High performance heatpipe with sintered powder wicks
With the industry’s best powder-style heatpipe with pure copper, providing the powerful efficiency of thermal distribution.
‧3D performance ready
The special design to keep the high stability of PC system.
‧Integrated architecture design
Delivering the best heat conduction by touching rigidly heatpipe and GPU, and use copper-touched distribution to spread heat.
‧Under the thermal cam system monitoring, purple color means lower temperature, and white color means higher temperature.
‧Silent-Pipe II Technology delivers powerful thermal performance, and transfers heat efficiently from GPU side to back side.
‧Especially, GIGABYTE’s proprietary front-flow thermal module excellently contribute to the whole system convection to stay cool.