GIGABYTE Mini ITX ˇV Advanced Connectivity for the Digital Lifestyle
GIGABYTE Thin Mini ITX Motherboards
When most people think of uses for small form factor motherboards like the Mini ITX, the first things that usually come to mind are HTPCs, space-saving office PCs, Data servers (NAS), surveillance systems, etc. Of course, because of their small size, most people donˇ¦t normally associate Mini ITX systems as performance powerhouses.
If youˇ¦re looking for a small HTPC to put in your living room, a small portable system for your next LAN gaming event, or wanting to hook it up to some extreme cooling such as LN2 for a monster performance system, GIGABYTE proves that big things can really come in small packages.

GIGABYTE Mini ITX motherboards are possibly the most connected Mini ITX boards ever, with a wide range of connectivity options that include products with an onboard WiFi/Bluetooth module to support IntelR Wireless Display 2.0 (WiDi) technology.

GIGABYTE Mini ITX motherboards provide endless possibilities in terms of building a compact PC rig that fits right in with your increasingly digital home environment, while also supporting powerful and efficient processors.
As the basis of a home theater or living room entertainment system, as a compact yet potent gaming machine, or even as a office PC that offers wireless digital signage options. GIGABYTE Mini ITX boards have the flexibility to meet the needs of your ever increasing digital lifestyle.
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