The New Era of All-Solid Capacitor Motherboards
Putting our customers first, GIGABYTE is the first motherboard maker to implement an all-solid capacitor design on the full line of 945 through 965 chipset motherboards. By using all-solid capacitors GIGABYTE motherboards provide industry leading stability, reliability and longevity for PC gaming and entertainment systems.

As the demands on high-end processors and other components increase with the introduction of new high-end games and applications, the power required by each component also rises. Capacitors regulate the power supplied to components and therefore play a key role in the stability, quality and performance of high-performance motherboards.

Old-style electrolytic capacitors generate heat at even the lowest impedance, never mind how hot they get under stressful conditions such as overclocking. With constant usage during demanding applications, electrolytic capacitors sometimes leak or pop, damaging the motherboard and stifling performance.

The solid capacitors used on GIGABYTE motherboards feature a highly electro-conductive polymer instead of traditional electrolytic polymer to dramatically improve performance and reliability. As a totally solid component they do not leak or pop insuring the best possible durability for hard working motherboards and PC systems. GIGABYTE is leading the industry in the move to new solid capacitors.

All Solid Capacitor Motherboard
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Solid Capacitor
Electrolytic Capacitor