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GIGABYTE A75 Motherboard  
"The GA-A75M-UD2H shoots for overkill"
  "Superb overclocking capability puts a huge spotlight on GIGABYTE‚Äôs value-oriented price."
"With so many good choices available, the easiest way to pick a winner would be to apply our own proclivity for choosing the lowest-cost option able to enable the highest performance. Doing so allows us to recognize GIGABYTE's A75M-UD2H for its modest pricing and unsurpassed overclocking capability."

GIGABYTE Z68 Motherboard  
"The Z68XP-UD3 firmly targets performance fanatics"
  "The entirety of features would have made this a $160 board even if it had used the P67 chipset, so we're not entirely clear how GIGABYTE managed to retain this price with a Z68 product that includes Lucidlogix's Virtu license."
"After careful deliberation, GIGABYTE's Z68XP-UD3 gets our Recommended Buy award."
Features may vary by model. *Overclocking may cause system instability. 4X+ Faster than HDD-only system in PC Mark Vantage(HDD Score).
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