How to enable the touchpad function when installing the Windows system

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If the touchpad cannot be utilized while installing the Microsoft system and there is no external mouse device, please follow the procedures below to activate the touchpad feature: 1. Please prepare your Windows system installation flash drive(ESD-USB)
2. Unzip the downloaded touchpad tool package into the system installation flash drive?

3. Insert the Windows system installation flash disk into the laptop that will be installed.
4. Please press [Shift] + [F10] on the keyboard at the same time after accessing the system installation interface to open the CMD interface.
5. Please enter the "fsutil fsinfo drives" command to confirm the magnetic sector

6. This step displays all the disk codes you currently have on your laptop. Referring to the example at the orange mark, generally the slot code to the left of "X:\" is the location of the disk where you placed the recovery tool (in this case, "e:"). Remember this disk code.

7. Enter the disk code obtained in Step 6.
(Remarks: Because your configuration may be different, the magnetic slot code displayed will also be different, please follow the information in step 6 as the main)

8. After "E:\>" appears, please enter "cd IntelSIO_12th"
9. After "E:\IntelSIO_12th>" appears, please enter "loadDriver.bat"

After this step is completed, the touchpad function can be used, please click to turn in and leave the window
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