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7 Select Technologies for 2011
GIGABYTE Ultra Durableā„¢ Motherboards                                                                
Leading GIGABYTE Motherboard Features
Ultra Cool
Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs
Ultra Efficient
Ferrite Core Chokes
Ultra Stable
4 or more Power Phase design
Ultra Long Life
50,000 hr.
Japanese Solid Caps
Ultra Protection
DualBIOS™ with
3TB+ HDD support
Ultra Clear Audio
108dB Signal-to-Noise
Ratio playback
Ultra Power
3x USB Power

Choosing your next motherboard should never be a complicated process. That is why GIGABYTE has launched "The Right Choice" campaign. While different motherboards offer their own unique feature sets, GIGABYTE believes there are certain features that all motherboards should have, regardless of the price of the motherboard. So, in 2011, GIGABYTE has standardized these features across our entire range of motherboards, enabling our customers to experience a much richer computing experience, and at the same time, getting more value out of their motherboard purchase.
* For the most accurate thermal readings, GIGABYTE engineers compared a traditional motherboard (3 phases, iron-core chokes, non Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs) to a GIGABYTE Ultra Durableā„¢2 motherboard with 4 power phases, Ferrite Core Chokes and Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs in a controlled testing environment, where current was supplied to the VRM and temperature readings were taken at various component points.
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