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Smart 6™
A smarter way for PC system Management
GIGABYTE Smart 6™ is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and offers a combination of 6 innovative software utilities that provide easier and smarter PC system management. Smart 6™ allows you to speed up system performance, reduce boot-up time, manage a secure platform and recover previous system settings easily with a click of the mouse button.

  * Whether SMART QuickBoost is supported depends on the motherboard model.
Smart QuickBoot
There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait ages for your PC to boot. That is why GIGABYTE developed their Smart Quickboot tool. Smart
Quickboot speeds up the system boot-up process and shortens the waiting time for entering the operating system. It manages to do this in two ways. The first is with a BIOS QuickBoot. Every time you boot up your PC, your BIOS checks your hardware to make sure everything is working properly. This can take some time, as your system checks the memory, hard drives, etc. By enabling Smart QuickBoot, your BIOS will only run through the hardware scan once. If all your hardware checked out ok, the next time you boot, your PC will only scan the very critical components. This allows you to save up to 3-5 seconds on the BIOS boot time alone.

The second component of Smart QuickBoot is OS QuickBoot. This utility
allows you to power down your PC into Suspend Mode (S3) and Hibernate Mode (S4) at the same time. Putting your PC into S3 and S4 modes is like putting your PC to sleep, allowing you to maintain your data, while at the same time, saving energy. When you power your PC back on, Smart QuickBoot will resume from Suspend Mode in a matter of a few seconds, allowing you to avoid having to reboot the OS. The great thing about OS QuickBoost is that your data is stored in both the memory with S3 state and is also stored in your hard drive for the even deeper S4 state. This means that even if your PC is unplugged or you lose power, when you next boot up your PC, it will resume from S4 automatically, using the data that was stored in your hard drive.
Smart QuickBoost
SMART QuickBoost is a tool that allows for quick and effortless CPU
overclocking for novice and experienced users alike. Featuring three different levels of CPU performance including Faster, Turbo and Twin Turbo, Smart QuickBoost takes the guesswork out of overclocking with the simple click of a button. Press the Faster button, and boom…you have just overclocked your CPU. Want to go ever faster? Then just click on Turbo or Twin Turbo to get even higher levels of performance out of your CPU.

One other interesting thing about QuickBoost is that actually tells you what model CPU you are getting by overclocking. For example, If you are using a Core™ i7-940 CPU, clicking the Faster button will get you the performance of a i7-950+, Turbo Mode will take your CPU to i7-965+, and Twin Turbo will have your CPU clocking at i7-975+ performance levels. With one click of a button, you can get much higher performance and better value out of your CPU.
Smart Recovery
Ever deleted a file and the next week realized you still needed it? Without a backup of that file, you’d be out of luck, unless of course, you had
GIGABYTE’s Smart Recovery. Smart Recovery allows users to backup their data such as system settings applications, documents, photos, music, videos, etc. and allows users to retrieve their data, even if it has been deleted.

Every day, Smart Recovery takes a ‘snap shot’ of your hard drive and makes a record for any added, deleted or modified files. In the settings, you can set the time for the backup and also set the amount of space reserved on your hard drive for the backup. An entirely new copy of the data is not created, only the changes that have been made from the previous day, which helps to save your hard drive space. Currently, you can save up to 60 snap shots.

So, let’s say you want to recover that presentation file that you deleted two weeks ago. All you have to do is open the Smart Recovery utility, click on any day before you deleted the file, and select and copy the file you want. It’s as simple as that to recover your lost data.
Smart DualBIOS™
For the last 10 years, GIGABYTE has included DualBIOS™ technology on their motherboards. DualBIOS™ is a patented technology that features 2 physical BIOS chips onboard, one main BIOS and one backup BIOS incase the main BIOS becomes corrupted or fails. This backup BIOS saves users a lot of hassle such as having to RMA their board due to a BIOS disaster.

Smart DualBIOS™ also features two physical BIOS ROMs, but the memory size of the BIOS chip has been increased from 8MB to 16MB. This allows the DualBIOS™ to store certain bit of data directly to the BIOS chip, so that even if your hard drive fails and you have to reinstall the OS, the data will still be accessible.

There are two types of information that can be stored using Smart DualBIOS ™. The first is common passwords that you often use. Most of us in today’s online world have to have several different passwords to remember including online banking passwords, company VPN passwords, website logins, etc. Smart DualBIOS™ allows users to store up to 12 passwords along with a short description, making it much easier to manage passwords. Of course, Smart DualBIOS™ is password protected for security, so you still need to remember one password, but this is much easier than having to remember all 12.

The second component of Smart DualBIOS™ allows you to store important dates along with a description to help you remember things such as birthdays or anniversaries. You can also set up a reminder that can be set at three intervals: one week before, three days before, and that day. This is a great feature for people like me who have a bad memory when it comes to family birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.
Smart Recorder
SMART Recorder is a handy feature that monitors and records certain activity on your system such as the time when you turn off or on your PC as well as when any large amounts of data have been copied from your PC. Smart Recorder helps to monitor your system activity so you can always know if someone else has accessed your PC without your knowledge, and see if any important data was transferred.

Smart TimeLock
Smart TimeLock is a feature that allows scheduling of your PC resources, allowing only certain times for access. This is a good tool especially for parents who want to limit their children’s PC usage. Smart TimeLock allows you to set specific time periods for computer access according to day of the week as well as the time period that day allowing for access. Smart TimeLock also allows you schedule different usage scenarios for the weekend versus the weekday.

Let me use the following example to explain. Let’s say I want to allow my child to use the computer for one hour every weekday after school. In the Smart TimeLock utility, I set the Monday-Friday allowed time as one hour and then set the non usage time from 9AM to 7PM. In this way, my child can use the computer in the morning before school or at night, but only for one hour of total time. After one hour total usage time, the computer locks access. For the weekends, since my child has more free time, I schedule Smart TimeLock for 4 hours per day and then set the non allowed access time, just like I did for the weekday access.

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