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  • Economical mouse for office users
  • GIGABYTE accurate laser tracking system
  • 400/800/1600 on-the-fly DPI adjustable (version 1: 800/1600DPI adjustable)
  • Internet back & forward buttons
  • Economical Mouse for Office Users

    Looking for a wired laser mouse with limited budget? M6580 can definitely meet your needs with its high quality and fair cost. Its performance goes beyond your imagination, and could become your desktop mate that you can’t live without!

  • GIGABYTE Accurate Laser Tracking System

    Equipped with GIGABYTE accurate laser tracking system, the mouse is so responsive and easy to control. When you are using the mouse, you will find it as smooth as it is engaging.

  • 800/1600 On-the-fly DPI Adjustable

    You may adjust DPI sensitivity anytime you want to by simply pressing DPI button on the mouse.

  • Internet Backward & Forward buttons

    The side buttons near your thumb are the internet backward & forward keys. Use these keys when browsing web pages, and feel the convenience brought by them!

  • Stylish Design and Comfortable Grip

    M6580 stays true to one of GIGABYTE’s core concepts – ergonomic design. The mouse is symmetrical so that is ideal for both hands. Rubber grip topped it off with the extraordinary hand-feeling, that is already more than satisfying to users.

  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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